8 Food Blog Links We Love

March 21, 2014

We've scoured the web, found our favorite food blog posts, and now we're bringing them right to your desktop. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.

Since spring is taking it's sweet time to arrive, we have no choice but to get cozy with our ovens this weekend. We can whine and complain about the relentless chill in the air, or we can embrace it and bake. (We're choosing the latter.) Want to join us in killing winter weather with (culinary) kindness? Just read these links.

Peanut Butter Chocolate CakeMeyer Lemon Snow BallsPumpkin PastitsioDouble Chocolate Banana Bread

  • Peanut butter and chocolate (and cake) forever. (Pastry Affair.)
  • There's no way you can go wrong with double chocolate banana bread. (Smitten Kitchen.)

Lemon, Almond, and Chia Seed MuffinsChocolate Olive Oil BundtChamomile Thyme Chess PiesPerfect Roast Potatoes

  • Start your morning the right way, with lemon-almond-chia seed muffins. (London Bakes.)

Which food blogs inspired you this week? Tell us in the comments!

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Photos on top by (clockwise) Pastry Affair, Desserts for Breakfast, Souvlaki for the Soul, Smitten Kitchen

Photos on bottom by (clockwise) London Bakes, Dolly and Oatmeal, Two Red BowlsFor the Love of the South

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  • heather
  • Robin
The grocery store is my happy place.


heather March 24, 2014
I love castle walk kitchen. They offer delicious, wholesome, family-friendly meals. The pictures are great and the recipes are easy to make. Plus, heather teaches several kids cooking classes and posts the recipes on her blog so you can make them at home with your family.
Robin March 22, 2014
My favorite food blog is Lady and pups. I love Mandy she not only makes amazing food but she is hilarious!