DIY Kits, and How to Cook With Them

April  9, 2014

We're all about collections over at Provisions -- so following that lead, we'll be making recipe collections to go alongside those that are in Provisions. Because recipes want to be together, too.??

Today: We’re taking homemade to new heights with our DIY collection.

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We believe in cooking and making our own meals. We believe homemade food tastes better and fresher, and we appreciate it more after putting in the effort. If you like to get your hands dirty too, you should know it’s actually pretty easy to make even specialized, labor-intensive foods. Mustard? You can make it yourself. Homemade tofu? Piece of cake. It’s usually a matter of a few hard-to-find ingredients, which is why DIY kits are the way to go (and make very good gifts).


Try your hand at homemade bacon, mustard, sprouts, or tofu — then use your hand-crafted ingredients in one of these recipes. We swear on our favorite BLT that you’ll taste the difference.

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