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6 Ways to Use a Mason Jar + a Giveaway!

For our Provisions shop, we search for the best and most beautiful things for our kitchen and home. And since we like to think outside the box, we’re showing you all the different ways to use some of our favorite pieces. 

Today: An ode to the Mason jar. Feel the same way? Tell us how you use them in the comments for a chance to win a new set!

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It’s no secret that we love Mason jars. Of course we like them because they’re pretty -- especially in bright blue and green glass -- but we also like them for their endless uses, from canning to pantry organization to brown bag lunch containers.

Because we're always looking to spread the Mason jar gospel, here are our favorite six ways to use them. 

  • As a vase: Humble, everyday objects like jars make flowers look even more spectacular. 


  • For a DIY baking mix: Take any recipe for a muffin, cake, or quick bread, and layer the dry ingredients into a jar. Store it, and whenever you’re ready to bake, just pour it into a bowl and add your wet ingredients. Because we believe that cake should always be just one step away.
  • Pack a perfect salad: Bringing salads to work can be tricky, so we like to layer each element in a Mason jar, then toss it in a bowl when we’re ready to eat. Start with the heaviest ingredients on the bottom (like radishes or root vegetables) and end with the lightest (greens and croutons) on top. Either bring your salad dressing in a separate jar, or use a plastic jar adaptor to keep it stored in a separate compartment under the lid.


  • Mix up a cocktail: This one is simple. You don’t need any fancy cocktail equipment to make a very good drink. Add ingredients, top the jar, and shake! Want to make things even easier? Use the Mason Shaker.
  • Make salad dressingA jar is your best friend for mixing up dressings. Just throw everything together and shake -- this will help your salad dressings emulsify. Bonus: It's a good arm workout.


  • Light things up! We saved the best for last. Fill Mason jars with a votive candle and a little sand to hold them in place, then hang them from trees or place them on tables to light an outdoor dinner party.

We want to know your best and most creative ways to use Mason jars! Tell us in the comments by July 4 -- we'll be giving away a set of green Ball heritage jars to one lucky commenter. For another chance to win, show us your best ways on Instagram, too. 

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  • Cathy
  • Wynema
  • Mary Brock
    Mary Brock
  • Kim Russell
    Kim Russell
  • Carole
I like warm homemade bread slathered with fresh raw milk butter, ice cream in all seasons, the smell of garlic in olive oil, and sugar snap peas fresh off the vine.


Cathy July 3, 2015
Whenever I make a big batch of soup (chicken noodle and potato leek are my favorites), I use Mason jars to jar up some extra portions. When friends are sick, I stop by and bring them some "get well" soup! It's a fun pick-me-upper gift for friends to have on hand, homemade and comforting. Not to mention adorable in the jars.
Wynema May 8, 2015
Mary B. May 8, 2015
I've been using Mason jars to for homemade bitters!
Kim R. May 8, 2015
I store flower seeds in them,also use as drinking glasses
Carole January 25, 2015
I store dried herbs and spices in mason jars, They make greats containers for leftovers, to can with and to freeze with. Also to drink ice tea out of on a hot summer day.
Letha S. January 10, 2015
Love mason jars. I use them for canning to storing in the refrig. They are just the must have kitchen utensil
Emily C. January 2, 2015
I have a mason jar on my counter, and every time something good happens in my life I write it down and put it in the jar, to be opened on new years day.
Posie (. January 2, 2015
I LOVE that!
Linda L. November 24, 2014
I use the 'Good Old' Mason jars for storing dried foods such as Chocolate chips, breadcrumbs, sultanas etc ... And I love the way they look on the pantry shelves :)
Teresa T. November 21, 2014
me too.
MargaretAnnJoan October 12, 2014
My oldest canning jar (1920's) from my grandmother has a zinc/ceramic lined lid and markings: ATLAS STRONG SHOULDER MASON on the side; and on the bottom: the Hazel-Atlas logo and "B-21-G". I use it to store my most expensive ingredient - pine nuts. Am sure my grandma (German cooking heritage) never cooked with them; but I think of her every time I see the jar on my shelf.
Mandie August 1, 2014
I use them for just about everything! I have some I made into lanterns for my front porch!
Tatiana August 1, 2014
What don't I use them for? Food stuff stored and consumed, home-made beauty products, plants, crafts...
K B. July 6, 2014
As glasses for dinner parties
Colleen M. July 3, 2014
I have been slowly switching all of my kitchen storage over to Mason jars. They hold pasta, rice, sugar, coffee, tea, cat food, etc!
Mara July 3, 2014
I use mason jars to package my own dry soup mix that I stow away for rainy days or as gifts for my friends. I may layer some split peas, different colored lentils, some dried veggies, some small pasta, dried herbs and soup base. Just throw the contents of the jar in the pot, add water and some spices.
Sherry L. July 2, 2014
I use them for everything! I used them for my wedding for drinking glasses, flowers, and candles. I also make layered desserts in for the summer. [email protected]
mcampbe July 2, 2014
I'm currently making a batch of red wine vinegar in a larger mason jar!
drlbennett July 2, 2014
I use the tiny 4 oz ones for storing breast milk--avoids all of the concerns about plastics, and they're relatively inexpensive!
Mindy M. July 1, 2014
We use mason jars for everything!! I love it when my husband makes homemade salsa and jars it! My absolute favorite use of a mason jar!
ashlea July 1, 2014
We use them for glasses, I store dried goods in really large ones, I have made butter in them by way of shaking cream, I put flowers in them, store paint in them, drink my coffee out of, store pencils, pens, paint brushes. The list could go on.