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August 20, 2010

Condiment Contest

Between now and next Thursday at midnight, you can submit recipes for Your Best Condiment! The winner will receive a snazzy food52 tote bag from L.L. Bean (pictured below) on top of a bounty of OXO goodies.

food52 tote bag

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melissav August 20, 2010
If you click on the words "Your Best Condiment" above it gives more detail on what is considered a condiment. They include salsa verde so I assume any old salsa will also fall within the definition.
Savorykitchen August 20, 2010
ooh - I am into this one in a big way. Great contest, can't wait to see what gets entered.
thirschfeld August 20, 2010
I think salsa is a condiment, and, yes, AJ don't feel any pressure. LOL. I have been waiting for this and now I have no idea where to begin and a definition of condiment might be good.
Food52 August 20, 2010
Take a look over at the contest page (linked above) and see if our description there helps clarify our definition of condiment.
aargersi August 20, 2010
This theme has AntoniaJames written all over it :-) She makes all the best stuff!!!! Salsa isn't really a condiment is it??