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September  3, 2010


Between now and next Thursday at midnight, you can submit Your Best Radish Recipe. The winning recipe will be published in the second food52 cookbook. Learn more and enter the contest here.


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Teri September 5, 2010
I'm kitchen-less right now, but I'm hoping someone will submit a daikon salad recipe. It's my favorite dish to order in izakayas -- some mix of rice vinegar, soy, sesame and usually a little dried shrimp or something with a fish flavor, all dressing ribbons of raw daikon. Yum!
pierino September 4, 2010
Ooooohhhhh!!! I am so down with this theme. French breakfast radishes I just freak over. I send packages of seeds to my friends. Oooohhh Laa Laaa!
shelovestocook September 4, 2010
Now this is going to be a challenge. I have fond memories of my father sitting in the kitchen dipping raw radishes in salt. Simple comfort food.
AntoniaJames September 3, 2010
With only one contest per week instead of two, as was done for the first cookbook, what will be the source of the remaining other recipes published? ;o)
Merrill S. September 3, 2010
Don't worry, we have a plan!
AntoniaJames September 3, 2010
Well, actually, I wasn't worrying . . . . I was wondering what the plan is. Thank you. ;o)
mrslarkin September 3, 2010
Radishes are cool.
dymnyno September 3, 2010
I love radishes but I have never done much other that eat them with butter and salt and toss them in salads. While we wait for our grapes to ripen, my husband and I are off to a vacation in Greece for a couple of weeks...maybe I will come back with some good Greek recipes!
aargersi September 3, 2010
you better! :-)
Lizthechef September 3, 2010
Have a lovely trip and do bring back some recipes!
TheWimpyVegetarian September 3, 2010
Have a great vacation! Looking forward to some Greek inspired food when you get back!
WinnieAb September 6, 2010
I am so jealous... I desperately want to travel to Greece. Please tell us all about your trip (and what you ate!) when you return.
Loves F. September 3, 2010
Love radishes!! The whole month of August I got beautiful, big, amazing ones in my CSA, but now that there's a radish contest, I didn't get any!
aargersi September 3, 2010
Me three! All I know to do is wash them and eat them! This will be great!!!
Merrill S. September 3, 2010
Glad you're all excited!
TheWimpyVegetarian September 3, 2010
Great theme! Not because I have a great recipe, because I don't, but because my husband loves radishes and I've been trying to find some great recipes for them. I'm sure I'm going to see some delicious ideas from this creative community! Yah!
monkeymom September 3, 2010
Me too!
Lizthechef September 3, 2010
Me three...