Editors' Picks

September 18, 2009

Each week, we'll highlight not only the finalists in the contests, but here we'll let you know which recipes were named "Editors' Picks" -- recipes that we found promising and interesting. And when you do a recipe search, you can always filter the results to show all recipes that have been named Editors' Picks. This is one of several ways we're keeping the site curated, so you have access to the best recipes possible.

In some cases, the Editors' Picks recipes are ones that were on our short list to test. In others, they're simply recipes that, although they may not have been good fit for the particular contest theme, are still noteworthy. If your recipe is named an Editors' Pick, you can still enter it in future contests.

We realized with Your Best Tart theme this week that we should have more clearly defined the theme. For anyone who entered recipes that were galettes and crostatas, we will be holding a contest for these soon.

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So, without further ado, here are this week's Editors' Picks:




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