Stone Barns Harvest Fest This Weekend!

September 28, 2010

 Harvest FestHarvest Fest

It's fun to write a recipe for food52, but have you ever wanted A & M to eat something you make at home?

For those of you in the New York area, this could be your chance! Amanda and Merrill will be at the local food and farming mecca Stone Barns Center this weekend to judge the annual Pie Bake-Off on October 2nd! The event is part of Stone Barns' popular Harvest Fest, a celebration of all-things-autumnal, where you can enjoy live music, a local farmer's market, hayrides and more. Get more details and download the submission form PDF here

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And speaking of pies, this week's contest winner will receive more than just bragging rights, they'll also get two tickets to Harvest Fest and a membership to the Stone Barns Center. There's still time to cast your vote: Will you choose lapadia's honey-sweetened Himalayan Blackberry Pie? Or will Midge take the prize with her Brown Butter and Cheddar Apple Pie? You've got until tomorrow at midnight EST to decide who takes the cake (er, pie?).

Excellent images from last year's Harvest Fest can be seen below.

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lapadia September 30, 2010
Thanks to my winning Blackberry Pie, and a free memebership the to Stone Barns Center, I will have to do my best to plan a trip back East to visit!
Jennine September 28, 2010
I'll be there with a bunch of friends, kids, etc. Looks like it will be a blast!
Sagegreen September 13, 2010
I am also wondering what the rules for a "proper double-crust" include. Hopefully a lattice crust is ok? What about crumb toppings though?
Merrill S. September 13, 2010
Lattice is okay -- crumb is not!
Allison C. September 12, 2010
This is GREAT. I was just at Stone Barns not long ago with my son. He gathered eggs and went potato digging. We loved it there. Have never gone for the Harvest Fest, but I bet that's fabulous. It's such a fabulous location. And now that I know you'll be judging a pie bake-off... all the more reason I want to go. I may not be able to, as that's my mom's birthday, but will try to figure out how to squeeze it in--that is, if there are still tickets to be had. Guess I need to start baking some pies! Wish I had a bit more time this week, but will see if I can come up with something.
Merrill S. September 13, 2010
Hope we'll see you there!
vrunka September 12, 2010
Hi -- I followed the link to the contest for more info on a "proper" double-crust pie, but it doesn't say anything about what that means. Does it have to have a fully-enclosed pastry top crust?
Merrill S. September 13, 2010
Lattice is okay -- but it does need to involve dough.
vrunka September 12, 2010
I am wondering what counts as a double-crusted pie? Does it have to be a pastry crust on top?
Merrill S. September 13, 2010
Yes, it does have to involve dough of some kind.
laurielufkin September 12, 2010
Darn it! Can't make it to the festival---going to have to wait till the next contest! Love love love this site!
dymnyno September 12, 2010
I love it...pie is a great transition!!!!
Merrill S. September 13, 2010
aargersi September 12, 2010
I am looking forward to learning how to make pie / pie crust - so NOT my forte! Next up ... Tailgate recipes! HOOK 'EM! :-) (hint hint)
dymnyno September 12, 2010
Great idea!!!!
mrslarkin September 12, 2010
I'm lovin this idea!
theicp September 12, 2010
Totally not a pie maker but cannot wait to see what comes up!

And now that we're moving on to autumn recipes, is there any chance we could have a competition about your best chicken wings? Now that it's officially football season my boyfriend won't leave the topic alone...
mrslarkin September 10, 2010
Harvest Fest sounds like fun!! I'll try to make it - that's just a hop-skip from me.
Merrill S. September 13, 2010
Hope you can make it!
monkeymom September 10, 2010
I love pie. I can't wait to see what folks have!
thirschfeld September 10, 2010
I see some head to tail pies in my future.
Kitchen B. September 10, 2010
A & M and fellow food52ers, help me out please - I'm only just getting used to 'seasonal' Western world cooking so what are my options of produce to use? Would the last of summer berries be accepted?
thirschfeld September 10, 2010
Netherlands green markets should be about the same. Really, a smoked eel pie would be great and they are just about in the same growing zone so the veggies and such would be about the same. Don't know if that helps, but I will say the Dutch make some great, great, sweet and savory pies.
thirschfeld September 10, 2010
oh and lest I forget, Dutch Apple Pies are in a world of their own.
Kitchen B. September 10, 2010
Thanks thirschfeld, I had to smile at your 'trumping'of allt hings Dutch. I must confess the smoked eel pie sounds have me thinking. On the other hand, I must admit that the Oma's apple pies (grandma's pies) are amongst my least liked gebak (Dutch bakes)! Thanks again
Midge September 10, 2010
Must a proper crust be involved or are cobblers, slumps, buckles, etc. eligible as well?
Food52 September 10, 2010
For this contest, we're looking for proper double-crust pies (for more info, follow the link above to the contest page).