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September 17, 2010

Chicken Wings

Between now and next Thursday at midnight, you can submit Your Best Chicken Wings! For more details and to enter your recipe, click here.

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    micki barzilay
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micki B. September 20, 2010
Stay tuned for a new twist on an old favorite...coming right up....Micki B.
ryanm September 20, 2010
If anyone can come close to the wings at Momofuku Ko in New York, albeit without the irony, that would be super. They somehow distilled the essence of Buffalo wings, but minus the sauce (which somehow was incorporated into a tempura-like batter) and minus the grease.
theicp September 18, 2010
Thank you thank you! My boyfriend has a one-track mind for chicken wings right now, I'm gonna be a total hero cooking up all these recipes!!
lapadia September 18, 2010
You cook up a different recipe (or two) for every game!
lapadia September 18, 2010
I love chicken wings, and look forward to a variety of ways to prepare them; however, what about all the other "football party" finger foods? Wouldn't that be fun?
pierino September 18, 2010
Okay then, now we are really ready for a throw down, but we ain't goin' to Buffalo....
luvcookbooks September 17, 2010
oh my
i love chicken wings
it's almost football season
thirschfeld September 17, 2010
Asking for wing recipe in the Midwest iis akin to asking for ones first born. I have to agree with pierino, unless some one has some mad hydrogen fried wing technique, or nitrogen sauce... although if someone can pass along solid technique, good ingedoents and a classic recipe I would be good with that too. Although, gingerroot has been inspiring and I am thinking Spam Stuffed Ono Wings, Sam Choy Style
lapadia September 18, 2010
huh?...spam stuffed ono wings, what did I miss?
pierino September 17, 2010
Could we just disqualify "Buffalo Wings" now and get it out of the way?
Loves F. September 17, 2010
Of course not! They may not be fancy, but with football season starting up, 'buffalo wings' are a classic! I hope to see lots of fun twists on the old favorite!
Merrill S. September 17, 2010
They're one of my new husband's favorite foods on the planet, so I agree with Loves Food Loves to Eat -- I'd love to see a really great version or two of Buffalo wings that I could make for him at home.
Loves F. September 17, 2010
The BF will be happy about this one!
aargersi September 17, 2010
FUN! SO many things you can do with wings ... the mind races!