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September 24, 2010

Brown Bag Lunch

Between now and next Thursday at midnight, you can submit recipes for Your Best Brown Bag Lunch! For more details and to enter the contest, click here.

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pierino September 27, 2010
A friend of mine used to be a country manager for BoA in Mumbai. He told me that lunches would be delivered in tiffins to office buildings by guys who would sling them over their shoulders on poles. They're light weight and functional (compartmentalized) but I don't think I'd want to be carrying twenty of them at once. I own two of them, one which has two containers and one which has three. And they just snap together.
Thorngate September 26, 2010
Plastic rectangular bento boxes with containers that fit inside are all the rage for children's lunches right know-there are blogs and websites where people post the lunches they make for their children-easy to make healthier lunches.
Thorngate September 26, 2010
Zojirushi (of breadmaker fame) sells a variety of sizes of these-bento box in Japan- that fit into thermallly insulated carriers to keep food hot or cold. They're great for brown bagging.
Amanda H. September 26, 2010
Cool -- have never seen one.
dymnyno September 25, 2010
Love the theme...lunch daily for our vineyard workers...numbers vary by the season...gearing up for our high season!
Amanda H. September 26, 2010
Would love to hear what kinds of things you make.
Lizthechef September 24, 2010
I love this site...Closed my practice 5 years ago and out of the brown-bag routine, but inspired by all these comments!
mrslarkin September 24, 2010
I think we need a tiffin in the food52 shop! ;)
pierino September 24, 2010
I guess I could say right now that you can bet that your wish will be granted. But if not, I have the tiffin hook up...
Amanda H. September 25, 2010
I actually bought this one (pictured above) in Sri Lanka (and dragged it back here; only bought one, never thinking I'd have twins!), but I have another that I got in Blue Hill, Maine, when I was at Merrill's wedding, so we'll source one!
dymnyno September 27, 2010
Considering all the crapolla that kids have to drag to school, do they really need/want a metal bucket to drag along too? They are very interesting looking but are they practical?
Amanda H. October 4, 2010
They are a little heavy but the nice thing about them is there's no plastic and all the parts can be put in the dishwasher. Plus I think they just look cool!
Sodium G. September 24, 2010
love love love the eco tin!
mrslarkin September 24, 2010
Anyone know if tiffins keep foods hot?
TiggyBee September 24, 2010
It looks like the answer is yes, for about an hour according to this:
Heena September 24, 2010
On their own, not for long. But in India, tiffins come with an outer hot case that keeps the food hot. I don't know how they are sold here.
On a different note, you might be interested in the amazing story of tiffinwalas (tiffin carriers) in Bombay - they pick up and deliver about 200,000 lunches everyday. Covered by the BBC:
Savorykitchen September 24, 2010
Heena - thanks for linking to that story on the tiffinwallas. I have read about them for years and think the entire system is so amazing.
mrslarkin September 24, 2010
Thanks for the links! Cute tiffins! And wonderful story on the tiffinwallas!
Waverly September 24, 2010
This sounds like fun, but probably a bit more involved than the usual PBJ I make each morning. I love that lunch pail.
Loves F. September 24, 2010
Ooh! How fun... can't wait to see all the new ideas for work-day lunches!
mrslarkin September 24, 2010
I'll need to come up with something more creative than my kids' Nutella on whole wheat.
cheese1227 September 24, 2010
That is a lovely lunch pail. Interesting idea for a theme.
Heena September 24, 2010
That's called a Tiffin in India :)
pierino September 24, 2010
Sweet. That's not a brown bag by the way. But I do own some tiffins like that.