Your Best Autumn Pie: Voting Extended!

September 28, 2010

Finalist: Himalayan Blackberry Pie  Finalist: Brown Butter and Cheddar Apple Pie

Good news: You've got one extra day to choose the Best Autumn Pie recipe winner! Vote for your favorite until Wednesday at midnight EST.

It's not just pie separation anxiety that's keeping the finalists up (we can't wait to dig into Your Best Brown Bag Lunch). But this week Amanda and Merrill will be giving a demo of food52 at Web 2.0 Wednesday evening, and they want to keep up the gorgeous pie finalists for everyone to see. 

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The winner of Your Best Autumn Pie will be announced first thing Thursday morning.


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A C. September 30, 2010
As for pies... in the fall in Canada: Saskatoon Pie. Hands down. Ask anyone on the Prairies in the West.
A C. September 30, 2010
I just want to say I LOVE the video of your kitchen... WONDERFUL. Funny and so well done. Send that videographer over, and I will do mine for you.