The Secret Ingredient for Fudgier Brownies

April  2, 2015

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Today: Watch KatieQ make fudgy, gooey brownies—sans dairy and gluten.

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Make these brownies, take a bite, and you'll be amazed at how fudgy they are—and then you'll remember you put black beans in them. Oh, and that they're gluten- and dairy-free, if you're into that. If you've hung around health food blogs in recent years, you've seen black bean brownies before. But KatieQ's recipe, adapted from Chocolate Covered Katie, is pretty great because you don't even need a mixing bowl: Everything goes from the food processor to the baking pan—and then, if you're like KatieQ, directly into your mouth.

Have you tried black bean brownies before? Let us know what you think of them in the comments!

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