Bodega Eggs: The Stupid-Easy Way to Make Eggs

April 22, 2017

There are those things we eat, make, read, and gush over that are just too good to keep to ourselves. Here, we resist the urge to use too many exclamation points and let you in on our latest crushes.

Today: When it comes to breakfast sandwiches, we're on Pete Wells's teamThere is no better, quicker, easier way to eat eggs than Bodega Eggs.

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I don’t steal recipes, but I do change their names.

Rachel’s Famous Lentils are the filling of Mark Bittman’s stuffed cabbage from How To Cook Everything Vegetarian. Sloppy Dans (named after my husband) are Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Jerk Sloppy Joes With Coconut Creamed Spinach. I’m pretty sure I got the recipe for Kitten Pot Pie from Food Network, but I haven’t been able to fully retrace my steps on that one.

So with that, I’ll be the first to tell you that my favorite breakfast recipe is from a blog post Deb Perelman wrote for Cup of Jo three years ago, but I will never call it A Lazy Egg-and-Cheese Sandwich: To me, the obvious name for this dish is Bodega Eggs. 

If you’re not from a part of the world where corner stores are called bodegas and thus don’t immediately understand everything about this dish, here’s the gist: When you’re too hungover to do anything remotely useful, you walk for about two minutes until you reach your closest corner store. You go to the counter, order an "egg and cheese," grab a Gatorade, and by the time you’ve carried yourself back to the front of the store, your sandwich is finished. It is no more than 3 dollars and it’s perfect and every bite is full of melty cheese and it’s the first time (and maybe last time) during the day that you’re happy to be awake.

Until Deb shared her “recipe” for these eggs, I figured you needed a full grill or a very particular type of bodega cat to make it—there just must be some trick that would keep bodegas cornering the egg sandwich market. I was wrong: It turns out you can make this entirely on your own following Deb’s hilariously low-effort recipe. Here's how it's done: Whisk an egg or two with salt and pepper and a splash of water, spread the mixture out in a pan like a crêpe, and throw in some cheese (Deb uses sliced cheese, but I grate my own just because). Wait a minute, fold the sides of the egg in to fit whatever bread you have on hand, wait another 30 seconds, and you’re done. Deb skips any extra vegetables or meat because this meal is “all about immediacy,” and I agree completely. And if the GIF makes your head hurt, here's the process again:


Now, there are better ways to treat eggs—I understand this. But I’d argue that there is no way to eat eggs this good, this quickly, and with this few ingredients. My husband and I eat this at least once a weekend in the comfort of our homes with our own cats—and usually without the hangover these days. Sometimes.

Photos by Bobbi Lin

EDITOR'S NOTE: This piece was originally published in April 2015. We're republishing it today because a Saturday morning is, well, a perfect time to whip up some bodega eggs of your own.

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BerryBaby April 23, 2017
My quick method: butter a small ramakin, add one egg, scramble with fork, add 1 teaspoon of water, dash of seasoning salt, dash of hot sauce, mix, microwave 30 seconds, check it, microwave 10 seconds or until done. Quick and delicious.
Jane C. April 22, 2016
delicious , so simple and so tasty.
love it 1
Frederique M. April 22, 2016
This might sound like a heresy, but my mom used to make us egg "mcmuffins" like you could get at mcdonalds ALL THE TIME. Toasted english muffin, butter for my brother, mayo for me, slice of singles "cheese" and the egg (and here lies the heresy) cooked in a ramekin in the microwave - two shots of 30secs so it doesn't explode (oh and it does!) so it would fit EXACTLY into the english muffin. Took 3 mins to make and we loved it. I still microwave eggs on busy mornings when i dont want peanut butter, but these days i throw it into a tortilla shell with salsa. Even if it makes a dirty pan, this bodega way sounds much more yummy :P
JRLV January 2, 2016
My Mom made us these sands and always mixed up the breads, whatever we had on hand. My fav was rye w swiss cheese. Totally yum! BTW my Mom is 90!
Transcendancing August 23, 2015
This was awesome, just simple eggs, a not-omelette on toast. Delicious, and this was especially welcome as I had very little energy this morning.
Paul June 10, 2015
The wife and I been doing quick egg sandwiches like this for a while and we always keep bagels or english muffins in the house. I usually throw some ham, fresh spinach and herbs (when in season). And if already cooked I put some bacon strips in between the egg and melted cheddar cheese!
Is it morning yet?
FloridaGal June 10, 2015
Egg-and-cheese-on-a-croissant tastes even better with what I call a flat egg - crack the egg into the pan and stick the corner of the spatula into the yolk at the edges. I usually do points of the compass. I'm methodical like that. You can help the yolk spread around a bit if you like but it usually does a pretty good job on its own. Season with S&P of course. I alternate between sharp cheddar or Gruyere. Occasionally a slice of ham or a couple of strips of bacon find their way in there. And I usually spread the croissant with a nice grainy mustard. You get much more interesting flavors than the homogenized scrambled eggs. Easier and less dishes too.
Antigoni S. June 10, 2015
I have been making my egg sandwiches like this ever since reading Deb's post ages ago! It is so easy, and yes, it transports me back instantly to my UES Deli Bacon, Egg and Cheeses. No veggies, no messing around, a yummy, cheesy, tasty breakfast sandwich. Nothing like it!! Except perhaps a real slice of NY pizza :)
Jen B. May 6, 2015
OK Rachel... What is the Kitten Pot Pie??? I think we all have one of these recipes, where only we (in the family) know what it means. My grandmother had "Foo-a-la-goo" (aka American Chop Suey), My parents had "Janie Burgers" and mine would be "Belly Button Soup" (aka Tortellini and Sausage soup with Peas)... I'm intrigued!!!
Rachel C. May 6, 2015
Oh my gosh, I am so stealing belly button soup. Kitten pot pie is vegetarian pot pie made in a 9x13 pan!
Jen B. May 6, 2015
LOL!!! No problem!!! I think that came about because the kids asked me what tortellini was when I told them what was for lunch... I told them they were "belly buttons" and I grossed them out... & the name stuck! Thanks for the explaination of the Kitten pot pie!
Pisanella May 6, 2015
We had a Buck Rogers tea every Saturday tea time; comprising Birds Eye beefburgers in a bun with baked beans and chips (fries), so-called because we were allowed to eat this naughty treat in front of the tv when Buck Rogers was on!
Jen B. May 6, 2015
SLopez April 29, 2015
BruceFarr April 26, 2015
Great reminder about a great, simple breakfast. Brings back memories of my late 1960s ritual at the famous "Miss Flo's Diner" in Florence, Mass., where, every morning, I'd stop to pick up an egg sandwich 'to-go." One fried egg nesting between two slices of white toast, all neatly wrapped up in wax paper.
Asif A. April 25, 2015
Great article!. Couldn't help but notice there were many references to being hungover. You should try tempo tonight. Its an all natural hangover remedey that removes toxins and inflammation. Its awesome. You can eat bodega eggs sans hangover.
Aimee R. April 20, 2015
Kateq April 20, 2015
Brings back great memories -- lean over the newspapers out front to tell the guy in the window of the tiny store if you wanted bacon or not -- sandwich ready before you read the front page of the Times...
Deb R. April 19, 2015
In NY City and Long Island, It's on a Kaiser Roll(or hard roll) and it's whats for breakfast! In Florida now,and we miss the Deli's so much!
Gail June 10, 2015
It seems NYC is the only place you can get Kaiser rolls! Crispy outside, soft inside. Used to get a well buttered roll and hot sweet coffee for breakfast - food paradise, alas, I miss them too! Former NYker...
Mindy S. June 10, 2015
I miss them too. So sad. :(
kimikoftokyo April 19, 2015
This is great. It's great for blah mornings and late nights. I am using sweet bread from a local Vietnamese bakery.
jbfalise April 19, 2015
Simple recipes can be the best recipes. Made this for breakfast with Brioche rolls and added some leftover proscuitto from making pizzas on Friday. Delicious!
Brenda H. April 19, 2015
donald April 19, 2015
LauriL April 15, 2015
I like your writing very much....cheese bandages are where its at!! Haha!