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What the Kids of Copenhagen's Most Famous Chefs Eat for Lunch

May  1, 2015

If you like reading what Amanda feeds her kids, you'll love taking a look into what other people—both in the food world and the world at large -- prepare for their own children (and occasionally their significant others and maybe even their pets). Prepare to be either resentful or appreciative of your own parents.

Today's lunch comes from Nadine Levy Redzepi, who works at Noma restaurant alongside her husband René.  

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About fifteen minutes of my morning is dedicated to making lunch for my children. We have three daughters: Arwen, Genta, and newborn Ró.

Arwen and Genta both bring a lunchbox with them to school every day. Instead of giving them one or two sandwiches, my husband and I wanted to do something similar to a Japanese bento box with all of their favorite little foods in order to give them lots of small things to choose from. We try to make something for them that we ourselves would like to eat, hoping that this will make them adventurous eaters along the way.

The lunchbox typically has some of last night’s dinner in it—which serves as the more substantial part of the meal—along with other little snacks. Today, the girls had leftover spareribs, half of an artichoke, and leftover sticky rice (last year we spent three months in Japan and as a result, the whole family is now addicted to rice; in fact, the first thing we did when we returned to Copenhagen was buy a rice cooker). I also always include little containers with stuff like peeled peas, pomegranate, cherry tomatoes, almonds, raisins, or the like.

Photo by Nadine Levy Redzepi

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