Best Brunch Eggs Video

September 24, 2009

Click the play button to see us prepare the two finalist recipes for Your Best Brunch Eggs: Cowinmyundies' Scottish Farmhouse Eggs and kamileon's Savory Bread Pudding. Merrill tries to control raw eggs, and Amanda burns herself. Again.

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S October 16, 2009
Am big fan of textural contrast so will definitely cube a baguette the next time I'm making bread pudding. Great idea!
LizBChicago September 28, 2009
OMG - these both look amazing, and I think I will try one of them for dinner this week - I can't possibly wait all the way until next weekend for brunch-time. Love, too, that you could easily make individual Scottish Egg dishes in small ceramic dishes.
Amanda H. September 28, 2009
They ARE both amazing!
Mike G. September 26, 2009
Quite simple to make with a minimum of kitchen skills and readily available ingredients. A tip on placement of the eggs; use the back of a spoon to make an indentation for each egg in the ingredients you have in the dish and the eggs should more or less obey your direction. Hope you enjoy it.
Amanda H. September 26, 2009
A-ha! So that's the trick! Thanks for letting us know.
Merrill S. September 27, 2009
That would definitely have helped me out -- you don't see this in the video, but I actually broke one of the yolks trying to move an egg and had to scoop the whole thing out and use a new egg!
Kelsey B. September 25, 2009
Yum, these Scottish eggs look amazing. The name makes total sense, when I lived in Scotland I couldn't believe how good their egg dishes were - I ate them all the time!
Sara I. September 25, 2009
I would much rather be at home making the Scottish Farmhouse eggs dish than be at work right now...yum.
lastnightsdinner September 25, 2009
Me too! I am definitely trying these over the weekend. Talk about mouthwatering!