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October 29, 2010


Between now and next Thursday at midnight, we want to see Your Best Gravy! For more details and to enter the contest, click here.


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jgig October 31, 2010
finding loads of sites that sell mud products, but can't find that little gravy 'vessel' we'll call it, ANYwhere. :(
Food52 November 1, 2010
You might try contacting the company: Otherwise, there are lots of other beautiful, similarly designed vessels in their online catalog. Good luck!
Queen O. October 30, 2010
I'd love to hear about a good gravy, made without the pan drippings. I know that's the best, but when we deep fry the turkey, it would still be great to have a nice, flavorful gravy.
Food52 November 1, 2010
Great point!
Soozll October 30, 2010
I added a comment expanding on a recipe entered (Wow, who made the gravy?) because my method is so similar I didn't think it should be an entry of it's own. Is that okay?
Food52 November 1, 2010
Sure! You're welcome to submit your own separate entry to the contest as well, as long as you write it in your own style. There will surely be similarities in gravy techniques from different cooks, but it sounds like yours has some subtle differences.
BethFalk October 29, 2010
Well, recipes aside, I really want that gorgeous gravy vessel (not sure what to call it - not really a boat - pitcher?) in the picture. Can you give us a source?
Amanda H. October 29, 2010
It's made by Mud. (If you google "mud australia" you'll find lots of sources!)
pierino October 29, 2010
Could I just say that I would love to see just one November issue of a monthly food magazine that doesn't have a turkey on the cover. Calvin Trillin had it right in suggesting that our national Thanksgiving Day meal should be spaghetti carbonara.
Amanda H. October 29, 2010
That's exactly why we're doing gravy and not the bird!
dymnyno October 29, 2010
To be specific, what is a gravy? Can the reduction of the juices resulting from saute'ing or roasting meat be called gravy or does gravy need to contain flour or some other kind of thickening agent? What is the difference between a sauce and a gravy? Is this a question for foodpickle?
Amanda H. October 29, 2010
No thickening agent necessary -- just whatever sauce, made with pan drippings or broth, that you serve with your turkey.
Kayb October 29, 2010
Oh, get ready for some Southern specialties here. Giblet gravy. Red-eye gravy. Chocolate gravy. The one thing I can't make worth a damn is sausage gravy, but perhaps I can get my daughter to join up and enter, as she is the designated gravy-maker!
Amanda H. October 29, 2010
Great -- looking forward to some regional specialties!
dymnyno October 29, 2010
Hmmm...this will be difficult because I think of making gravy as the finish work of cooking a turkey...not an actual recipe to be written down, but more of a technique , I guess.
Amanda H. October 29, 2010
That's fine -- we'll be looking for both technique and flavor combos.
aargersi October 29, 2010
Oh man, I NEED this theme because my gravy is pathetic. Looking forward to learning how to fdo it right!!!
Amanda H. October 29, 2010
Yes, this was selfish theme for us, too. We want new gravy ideas!