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6 Home & Design Links to Love This Week

May 15, 2015

Today: Inspired by our food-focused Links We Love, today's roundup is a selection of inspiring—and helpful—home, art, design, and DIY posts from around the internet this week.

Food cubes, inspiring documentaries, and how to put a twinkle in anyone's eyes: our favorite latest moments in home and design.

Lernert & Sander Food Cut Into Tiny Cubes  Pizza in the Wild

  • In case you didn't get a glimpse yesterday, a photograph (detail above) of 98 tiny cubes of food became an internet sensation yesterday. The tedious-but-stunning work of artist team Lernert & Sander was commissioned by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant for a special food issue. Take a stab at naming them all or read a variety of key attempts on Reddit. Our favorite is the purple cabbage—or is it? (Grubstreet)
  • The brainchild of photographer Jonpaul Douglass, Pizza in the Wild is one man's quest to document pizza pies in their least native locations—on lawn chairs, windowsills, fire escapes, and pugs. Makes us want to pack a picnic and head outside. (Jonpaul Douglass)

Antivilla via Anthology  A Beautiful Mess What's a Catchlight?

  • This little-bit brutalist converted lingerie factory doesn't have the typical cozy, lived-in vibe that we normally gravitate towards, but one look at the spare, monochromatic interior—complete with breezy curtain and glass wall divisions—and we're completely hooked on the unabashed modernity of the Potsdam "Antivilla," a Brandlhuber+ design. (Anthology
  • Even non-photographers (but aren't we all with Instagram?) will appreciate this tutorial on catchlights, which is the effect of capturing illumination in a subject's eyes; a round white glimmer is considered the most realistic catchlight, since it mimics the natural one often reflected by the sun. (A Beautiful Mess)

 Small is Beautiful Tiny Houses Documentary  Guess the Color Game

  • Download (or go out for movie night) to see this new documentary about tiny houses, Small is Beautiful, by Australian filmmaker Jeremy Beasley, which follows four tiny home dwellers as they make a life (on barely any land) in Portland. If that doesn't excited you, this interview with the producers of Iris, the new documentary about Iris Apfel that was filmed over the course of four years, should get your creative juices flowing. (Curbed; The Hairpin)
  • Long week? The best new way to kill 15 minutes is this color-guessing game, which is fun for anyone who *thinks* they have a keen eye. (Fast Company)  

Photos by Lernert & SanderJonpaul Douglass, Erica OvermeerJanae Hardy, Small is Beautiful, and Jorge Moreno

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