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Foodpickle: Now with Texting!

November  8, 2010


For the past couple months, you've been able to tweet your burning food questions to @foodpickle or post them directly on our Foodpickle page and get answers back fast from our ever-helpful community of knowledgable home cooks.

Now there's one more way to get answers on the go -- via SMS (or text messaging, as we lay people call it). Just send a text to 803-380-FOOD and we'll text you back the responses right away.

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So now when you're at the grocery store and need to calculate how many pounds of turkey you'll need for 25 people, or find out the best type of potato for a gratin, you can text your (thousands of) friends at food52!

For a refresher course on Foodpickle, see more details here.


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AntoniaJames November 8, 2010
Splendid! What a great idea. My sons will appreciate this too. (I often get questions like these from them, when they are in the grocery store, shopping!!) ;o)