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We Want to Feature You on Our Next Podcast

June 19, 2015

We want to answer your questions about meal-planning! Let us at 'em. 

We’ve been podcasting for three short months now, (Haven’t listened yet? Come hang!), and we’ve already learned so much from you: We trusted you when you told us to put kimchi in our peanut butter sandwiches (we were glad we did); and in episode two, you taught us the horrifying wonders of the banana candle

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For our next episode, we want to involve you, and your voices, even more. We’ll be hosting a round table—our own version of a call-in radio show—on all things meal planning, and we want to answer your questions. Want to troubleshoot kids' lunches? Weeknight dinners? Have a question you think will stump us? Send it our way. Leave a question, topic, or story in the comments—or even better, record a voice memo on your phone and email it to us (we’ll be featuring a few questions on the podcast!). 

If you have a smartphone, look for the often pre-downloaded voice memo app, and then simply share the finished memo with [email protected] by next Wednesday, June 24th. (Head here for a few tips on where to record for the best sound.) Happy recording! We can't wait to hear what you want to know.


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oli July 1, 2015
Hey Kenzi, I live in Dorset, South England and run a new company www.lunchd.co.uk we make healthy lunches for offices and also do a monthly mag recipe for a magazine....would be ace to do one for you guys as well?
Meghan June 23, 2015
I've got a few! What are your favorite meals to freeze for later (as an already-cooked meal, like lasagna, or in uncooked parts, like chopped vegetables for a stir-fry)? What's your go-to dish (side or dessert) to bring to a friend's house for their meal, particularly when you don't know what they're serving? Also, what's your favorite meal for feeding, say, 6 friends, one of whom is a vegetarian and one of whom is meat-obsessed? Lastly, what's the best way to save fresh herbs? (Freeze in oil, butter, chopped?)
Jr0717 June 23, 2015
The main is usually easy....pick a protein and my family is good to go. But we are so very stuck in a side dish rut! I'd love and greatly appreciate any feedback on new and exciting, easy and maybe even make-ahead (?) side dishes that you can provide! Thanks in advance!
John June 22, 2015
Just got into fresh pasta... For planning purposes, how much fresh pasta equals 1 lb. dried pasta? Also, what's a guy got to do to get an Amanda Hesser autographed, New York Times Cookbook? @gustav_greene
James June 19, 2015
I don't want to be like the guys on this video. Can I send text instead? https://youtu.be/5FFRoYhTJQQ
Kenzi W. June 19, 2015
Ha. You're more than welcome to, but I promise it's easy!