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The Food52 Wedding Registry is Here!

June 23, 2015

When the last tray of canapés has been devoured and you've danced until your feet ache, the real fun of building (and styling!) a life together begins. The Food52 Registry is live and here to make nesting and decorating a complete cinch.

Something New The Food52 Registry is here

We created the Food52 Registry because you asked for it, with a goal of helping couples craft beautiful, functional homes through a world of products that inspires them. We have over 3,000 kitchen and home goods to choose from: There are handmade and locally-crafted goods plus classic beauties from heritage brands that we trust. But—whether you've just said "yes" or are simply here to look around—we don't want sorting through all the options to be another chore, so we came up with some ways to make browsing easy and inspiring.

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Can't wait any longer? Start browsing the registry right now, or read on about all the inspiring ways to see our products: by Guest Curator, CategoryStyle, and Collection:

By Tastemaker Styles

Amanda Brooks Collection at Food52 Wedding Registry

A person's style is ever-evolving—and yours will grow and change as you plan your wedding and add accents to your home. One of the best ways to get inspired is to browse the looks of tastemakers you admire, so we invited a few of our favorites to create collections out of the Food52 products they love (and they couldn't have surprised and delighted us more with their picks!) Browse looks from Local Milk blogger Beth Kirby, home retail expert Michael Mosca, and style maven Amanda Brooks in the Food52 Shop. 

A contributing editor at Condé Nast Traveler, Amanda Brooks is known for her love of of timeless designs and bohemian accents—so her collection on Food52 includes a little bit of the luxe with rustic surprises. The author of Always Pack a Party Dress and I Love Your Style, Amanda lives in Oxfordshire, England, with her husband, their two children, and countless animals. She's the former fashion director of Barney’s New York, has appeared as a fashion expert on Today, The Early Show, and NPR, and has written for T: The New York Times Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and more. 

By Product Type

Wedding Registry Announcement Categories

For couples who are starting a kitchen from scratch—or for those who know exactly which pieces they're missing—our categories are a way to search by specific parts of the home like Kitchen, Table, Outdoors, and Pantry. 

In Table, for example, you'll find everything you need to set out homey weeknight dinners and fuss-free dinner parties, from serveware (think glass pitchers in all shapes, ceramic platters, pewter cake stands, marble serving boards, and candlesticks) to dinnerware (all the cups, plates, bowls, trivets, and coasters your heart desires). Barware, table linens, and cutlery are also a part of this category—each piece vetted individually by Amanda and Merrill. You're going to want open shelves to show off all this loveliness. 

By Personality

Wedding Registry Food52 Collections By Style

We know that one style doesn't ever fit all, which is why we divided our inventory into six distinct styles so you can browse based on the way you like to decorate—whether you're drawn towards pieces that are Classic, Minimalist, Rustic, Luxe, Indie, or Retro. Want a little bit of each look, like we do? This system is built for picking and choosing: Snap up a live-edge serving board from Rustic, a set of scalloped-edge muffin molds from Classic, a razor-sharp set of Italian knives from Luxe, and a brass-and-wood pour-over system from the Indie line. The best part? Everything looks good together.

Say Rustic is your style—even if a tucked-away home with land to live off of (good morning, herbs!) and all handmade home goods isn't quite what you're working with—take Amanda Hesser's advice and "shop for the home you want, not the home you have." A collection of rugged, natural designs (like farmhouse-inspired pottery and vintage zinc bins), goods from local and small-batch producers, and eco-friendly home solutions (hello, sleek countertop compost bin), this collection has all your wild heart's desires in one place. 

By Themes

Food52 Wedding Registry Collections

From our Most Popular products to Registry Essentials, Basics, Standouts, and Upgradesour themed collections are made to help you navigate based on your hopes and dreams. 

A bonus collection called Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue is a modern look at the timeless adage, featuring some of our favorite vintage products, like one-of-a-kind silverware collections, a rustic French oyster basket, and antique copper pans restored to their original luster. Built out with new, vintage-inspired products, like a step stool modeled on a classic farmhouse design, plus home goods in our favorite blues (like cobalt, indigo, powder, and eggshell), it's an inspiring way to browse heritage goods and one of our favorite colors.


Photos by Mark Weinberg (1), Todd Selby (2), James Ransom (3, 4), and Alpha Smoot (5)

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