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6 Home & Design Links We Love This Week

June 26, 2015

Inspired by our food-focused Links We Love, today's roundup is a selection of fascinating home, art, design, and DIY posts from around the internet this week.

Today: An industrial kitchen, a no-brainer storage solution, and bug art. 

A Pair and a Spare  A Pair & a Spare Storage DIY

  • So easy you almost miss the genius of it, this minimalist bookshelf is pretty much an instant storage solution: Stack boxes artfully and then stuff them. (A Pair & a Spare)

B Sherman Workshop New York Times

  • Our trusty office designer Brad Sherman got a pretty big feature in a little tiny newspaper you might have heard of called the New York Times (!!). The essay extolled his ability to make beautiful, homey office spaces on a dime—a talent of his we're lucky enough to know about first-hand. (The New York Times)

Jonathan Gregson Cereal Magazine Illuminated Insects  Cereal Magazine Illuminated Insects

  • No matter how squeamish bugs make you, it's hard to be anything but wowed by the delicate beauty of these illuminated insects created by Jonathan Gregson, an award-winning food and travel photographer, in collaboration with Cereal Magazine. (The D Pages)

Pilar Wiley Studio Rip & Tan

  • This studio visit to ceramicist Pilar Wiley's workshop is a celebration of details—in both her small-space home office solutions and her pottery. (Rip & Tan)

Design Sponge Industrial Cape Town Home

  • Home to two designers, this Victorian-style dwelling in Cape Town, South Africa boasts a number of inspiring vignettes—but our favorite is this view of the kitchen, where industrial-style walls meet an exposed ceiling and modern accents in a helter-skelter kind of harmony. (Design*Sponge)

Food52 Wedding Registry Bobbi Lin

  • As you might have noticed if you hang around here enough, we launched a wedding registry on Tuesday! As TechCrunch put it, "the idea is to connect shoppers not just with products, but to help them find inspiration as well..." So have a look! (TechCrunch)

Photos by Nicola Lemmon (1, 2), Evan Sung for the New York Times (3), Jonathan Gregson (4, 5), Jenni Kayne (6), Kovacevic|Bosch Photography (7), and Bobbi Lin (8)

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