Vegetarian Mushroom Thyme Gravy

November 12, 2010

With Amanda away on her book tour, Merrill invited Food & Wine's Home Cook Superstar Sarah Simmons to help her make sticksnscones' versatile Vegetarian Mushroom Thyme Gravy. As you'll see, they accidentally used 2 tablespoons of flour instead of the suggested 3 and ended up quite happy with the results (in case you couldn't tell from all the fantasizing about serving suggestions toward the end).

This week's videos were once again shot and edited by filmmaker Elena Parker. For more of the delightful Sarah Simmons, check out her blog and follow her on Twitter @sarahmcsimmons.

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Rhonda35 November 23, 2010
This gravy looks soooo good!
Amanda H. November 12, 2010
Sarah you definitely have to come back!
sarahmcsimmons November 13, 2010
yes, please! it was so fun! i'll come back anytime!