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A Placemat with Wifi, Life on Kepler-452b, and Other Links we Loved this Week

July 24, 2015

The internet is full of strange, wonderful, beautiful things.  

Home and Design Links we love  Home and Design Links IKEA

Ikea's new placemats include a cute pouch with exposed stitching—for your smart phone, and we can't decide if it's a good way to tune out the world during dinner or just a little too close to hampering good old fashioned conversation. (Slate)

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Home and Design Links We Love

This roundup of indoor-outdoor jute rugs by Gardenista has us wishing for a big back porch or a wisteria-wrapped pergola to roll one out under. (Gardenista)

Home and Design Links We Love

Thirty years after renovating their apartment but opting not to update the kitchen, a couple calls on the same designer to come fix up that one overlooked room—and end up completely overhauling their home again, though with inspiring results. (Takeaway: Do it all the first time.) (The Cut)

Home and Design Links We Love

The discovery of Kepler-452b has Earth a-twitter with curiosity, and Space.com's explanation of how it would feel to actually live there—starting with a stronger gravity that would make you feel twice as heavy as you are here—is fascinating. Home away from home? (Space)

Home and Design Links We Love

Illustrations by the British artist Dominic Wilcox about hypothetical inventions tow the line between ridiculous and ridiculously logical. They also say a lot about how technology has so often been advanced just to make life easier. (Dwell)

What home and design articles did you love this week? Share them in the comments below! 

Placemat photos by Joakim Kroger/IKEA, photo of rug by Restoration Hardware, photo of home office by Eric van den Brulle, rendering of Kepler-452b by SETI Institute/Danielle Futselaar, and drawing by Dominic Wilcox.

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Olivia July 26, 2015
Link to The Cut actually sends you to the Dwell article! Would love to see the rennovation if the link can be fixed :-)
Amanda S. July 26, 2015
Thanks for pointing that out! Fixed the link. Enjoy!