10 Ways to Put Your Za'atar Stash to Good Use

August 28, 2015

After Jerusalem came out, did you go out and buy za’atar, only to find it in very, very large quantities? Us, too. That said, we like having it around: The blend of sesame seeds, dried thyme, dried marjoram, and sumac sits nicely atop hummus or Greek yogurt dip. We also like to sprinkle the slightly tart mixture on olive oil-drizzled bread or pita, but our za’atar stash is still looking fairly substantial. Here are 10 other ways to put it to good use:

Spice Merchant Cauliflower Couscous by QueenSashy

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A Medley of Roasted Potatoes with Homemade Za'atar & Aleppo Pepper by onetribegourmet


Shish Taouk with Toum (Chicken Kebabs with Garlic Sauce) by Oui, Chef


Roasted Chickpea Salad with Za'atar by Shruti Jain


Spiced Roast Chicken with Za'atar Yogurt by BurntCream 


Homemade Labneh by Rivka


Celery and Za’atar Tabouli by drbabs


Escarole Salad With Za'atar Pita Crisps, Blood Oranges, Radishes, and Hazelnuts by Phyllis Grant 


Grilled Fish Hoagies with Za’atar, Harissa Aioli, and Carrot Cilantro Pickle by cheese1227


How have you been chipping away at that bulk bag of za'atar? Share your ways in the comments.

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mpm6228 May 22, 2018
popcorn with za'atar and salt.
Alex T. September 29, 2015
To me, the best way to it Za'atar is in the morning: sprinkled on a crepe with a cup of tea.
Sarah -. September 10, 2015
on pizza!!!! and bagel pizza. and pita pizza. and of course avocado toast.
Kristi August 31, 2015
I've been adding a generous amount to some cottage cheese. Sometimes with diced cucumber and/or Aleppo pepper for a quick, easy, no-heat lunch.
Terry M. August 29, 2015
For breakfast--Warmed pita bread, drizzled with good olive oil, slathered with labneh, heavily sprinkled with Za'atar and topped with sea-salt sprinkled tomato slices. Messy but delicious.
sandy G. August 29, 2015
I bake extra potatoes and the refrigerate them overnight......chop then up with onions and peppers to make home fries.....I use Za'taar for seasoning the potatoes while they fry in olive oil.....
Andreas D. August 29, 2015
Cut a cauliflower into florets, olive oil, salt, za'atar. Roast until done. Sprinkle on a chicken, add lemon, roast. Gently fry half a sliced red onion, add za'atar, rice, water. Simmer until done, add lemon juice and cooked red beans. I use the stuff for anything that could do with a little savoury help.
Tori August 28, 2015
I love to eat it heavily sprinkled on top of lebnah (or cream cheese) spread on top of pita bread, or toast, or bagels.
ronya August 28, 2015
A typical way to eat it is to take small pieces of pita (bite size), dip it in some good EVOO, and then dip that into a bowl/pile of za'atar. Eat that alongside some tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives and you've got yourself a traditional Arabic breakfast.
AntoniaJames August 28, 2015
For breakfast, ronya? Yes, please. ;o)
AntoniaJames August 28, 2015
I often sprinkle it, generously, on these super quick crackers made from lavash, instead of dukkah:


We use the crackers for scooping up Genius hummus and this really tasty baked dip: https://food52.com/recipes/28029-baked-feta-with-mediterranean-tomato-sauce

Also, I sprinkle za'atar generously on the aforementioned Ottolenghi - Tamimi hummus, after stirring extra lemon juice into it.

And it's a go-to for many need-a-quick-meal (as in, client meetings went late) omelettes.