Happy 2nd Birthday to the Shop! Here's How We're Celebrating...

Today is the Food52 Shop's second birthday, so we're taking a look at our sleeper hits: the products you loved so much it knocked us off our feet. 

bog berry dryer balls

Don't mind us—we're just eating our way through a layer cake with raspberry buttercream and reminiscing about products past and current. Why, you ask? No, this is no ordinary Thursday. It's the Shop's second birthday!

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It seems like just yesterday we launched our first collection, and in the two years that followed the Shop has grown to include over 3,000 products (and just this summer, we launched a Registry!). Of course, we love each and every one of our merchants and their products, but sometimes, just how much you love them takes us by surprise. Like a set of simple-but-brilliant dryer balls, the Shop's sleeper hits are the ones you loved from the very start.

In honor of all the ways the Shop has grown these past few years, here are 7 of the Shop's best success stories.

  Measuring Spoons Necklace Mary Mary Handmade

The Whisk Necklace

Launched in January 2014 right before Valentine's Day, this necklace with a tiny whisk charm really whisked people away. We knew it was the epitome of cute and sweet when we saw it, but who could have predicted it would be our best-selling product after Genius Recipes

The maker, Mary Mary Handmade, was so pleased with how it was received that she brought a tiny measuring spoons necklace into the world this year. We're all about these baking tools that you can wear close to your heart, whether you need one for a brownie-lover in your life or "for tiny cakes" as Leslie Stephens so charmingly put it. 

Dried Citrus Wreath by Creekside Farms  French Herb Wreathe Creekside Farms

The Dried Wreaths

We'll let you into our circle of trust: These wreaths were a risk. We loved the look of dried greenery woven through with herbs and citrus—but it was one the first times we considered a product that wasn't just for the kitchen. We should have known you'd spring for their versatile, understated designs, which gave us the confidence to launch other products for the home.

The first version, from Creekside Farms, was a French Herb Wreath—a twist of dried lavender, marjoram, sage, purple oregano, thyme, and bay—followed by citrus and hydrangea versions that you loved just as much.

bog berry dryer balls  bog berry dryer balls

The Dryer Balls

Wait, what's a dryer ball? We anticipated this reaction (and maybe thought that initially ourselves), so when we announced the launch of these exclusive grey dryer balls from Bog Berry, we included some details about their construction and use. Woven using a felting tool for strength, they're made of pure wool and are an eco-friendly replacement to dryer sheets. They hold the power to reduce drying time and static and keep clothes soft—and one set will last for years. 

And guess what? You loved them so much we sold out of our inventory the day they launched! Brooke Petry, the maker at Bog Berry, had to felt a whole new stock of them just so we could replenish our supply. That's what we call a winner. 

  olympic provisions sausage of the month

Olympic Provisions Salami of the Month Club

Like a calendar, but better because it's salami, this subscription pack was launched right before the holidays. We'd never offered a subscription service before, but the idea of getting a surprise salami every month proved a huge hit—especially since it's the kind of gift that really does keep on giving. 

Olympic Provisions is known for their choice salami flavors like chorizo, saussicon sec, and finocchiona, and with this single set you'll get a surprise salami delivered every month, right to your door. Not much could be better than that.  

Noaway Compost Bin  

Noaway Countertop Walnut Compost Bin

Let's just be blunt: Most compost bins are very ugly. And neither you nor we would've guessed one could be as pretty as this sleek, wooden container from Cliff Spencer. The wood grains are just pronounced enough to make a statement, but the straightforward 3-part nesting construction is what really gets us excited. We're all for something this minimal and attractive, and better yet if it makes composting that much more appealing.  

  French Butter Keeper Sawyer Ceramics

French Ceramic Butter Keeper

If there's a product that's most associated with Food52, it's this butter keeper from Sawyer Ceramics. "I met someone recently who mentioned it first thing when I told her where I worked," says Amanda, our Design & Home Editor. "I love Food52! I have the butter keeper." We loved the look and the function of the piece when we launched it, but who knew it would become so dear to so many? 

Whether its the textured exterior, the smooth blue glazed inside, or the funtion itself that you love—nothing makes your butter as soft and spreadale as a little nap on the counter in this keeper.  

  BLiS Bourbon Barrel Aged Hot Sauce

BLiS Blast Bourbon Barrel-Aged Hot Sauce 

We attribute how much you love this hot sauce to 3 things: 1) its awesome, fiery flavor depth, 2) barrel-aging being all the rage right now, and 3) the put-hot-sauce-on-everything trend. Whether you pick up a bottle for your cupboard or with every intention of giving it to a friend, you'll be saying, "Hey there, hot stuff," as you drizzle it over fried rice, fish tacos, and anything else that can handle the heat.

What do you think our next big hit in the Shop will be? Tell us products you'd love to see in the comments below!

Photos by Mark Weinberg, Bobbi Lin, and James Ransom

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