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Real Solutions: Make the Most of Your High Ceilings

September 21, 2015

Need a way to decorate your high ceilings? Fill them with flowers.

No one ever talks about the negative side of high ceilings. Yes, finding an apartment with high ceilings in Manhattan is like finding a reasonably-priced Victorian in San Francisco (they're real estate unicorns), but high ceilings can also make a room feel less cozy and leave an awkward, hovering blank space above an otherwise well-curated room. I've seen friends counteract what Taylor Swift would likely refer to as a Blank Space by hanging bulb lights and even draping flowing fabrics Morrocon-style, but I spied my favorite solution to date at lunch at a Scandinavian-French restaurant in Portland, Oregon, Måurice.

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More: Not a fan of flower power? A holiday garland would also double nicely as a high-ceiling filler.

Across their high ceilings, the restaurant had strung lines of dried flowers and cotton in rows of two. The flowers weren't overly feminine, nor did they detract from the beauty of the bright, open room, but instead provided another spot for my eye to land on in the bright, sparsley decorated room. I can't say I completely forgot about my lunch—which was equally beautiful—but I did spend a lot of time looking not at my dish, but up.

Do you have any tricks for filling a high-ceilinged void? Would you try this floral trick? Tell us in the comments below! 

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Tereza September 22, 2015
Beautiful space!