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Real Solution: Double Up Your Rugs

October  5, 2015

It's about to get a little cooler out; what's cozier than double the rugs?

double the rugs
Morroccan diamonds layered over thick stripes: pattern mixing at its best.

Unlike food trends, which are as easy to try out as swapping in a new ingredient come dinnertime, trends in home design are often quite taxing on time and resources. When it suddenly seemed that the whole world agreed rooms should be clad with only stripped-down mid-century designs, did you just toss all your shabby-chic chairs and replace them in a single day? And when a wall color came in vogue, did you run to buy a bucket and makeover the living room? Unlikely story.

For this reason, it's tempting just to dream about changing up your decor rather than actually doing it—by way of Pinterest boards, piles of tear sheets, and purchases that never find a home. Where are all the good ideas that don't require a whole day's labor or an expensive new accessory? 

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Right underfoot: When we spotted these layered rugs at the Madewell headquarters in Manhattan (we brought them a #notsaddesklunch, did you hear?), I realized that it was nothing short of genius (Kristen said I could borrow that term). Do you have a few rugs at home? Is one of them smaller than the other? I thought so.

layered rugs
How cozy is reception at Madewell?

Now that it's fall, people want to feel cozier at home. Golden summer light is taking on a greyish tint, the heater in your building hasn't quite kicked in, and sunset in New York is no longer after dinnertime. Layering your rugs, which admittedly might require some mild re-arranging, is the easiest way to make a room feel comfier, cozier, and—don't tell your grandmother—a little bit more bohemianLook, you're on-trend! It's got a whiff of extravagance (why have just one rug when you can have two!) that I myself don't hate but doesn't require actually purchasing anything if you already have a few rugs at home.

Yes, pulling the rug out from under the living room to layer it in your bedroom means the living room is going to be without one—but I'll personally come put it back for you if that change doesn't feel refreshing. Unless you tend towards clutter like it's a bad habit that makes you feel good (oh, hi), layering your rugs in every room is going to feel a bit much. So leave one floor barren and heap them together somewhere else. Double up your rugs: Fall is forthcoming whether you've taken your A.C. out or not. 

What are your favorite ways to prep your home for fall? Let us know in the comments!

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ustabahippie October 17, 2015
I hope it's not too late to get an answer to this question. I have put a lamb's wool oriental (very inexpensive) on top of my even less expensive studio apartment's carpeting. The one on top slides all over. I've taped it down with 70 yards of double sided carpet tape, but it still gets ripples and I have to pull it up and attempt to smooth it out now and then. Looking for some better ideas. It's only about 5' x 9'.
Greenstuff January 3, 2016
Just saw this. I recently moved and am also putting some orientals on top of wall to wall. I figured that I'd no longer need rug pads, but it turns out the opposite is true. I'll be looking for pads that are specifically good to use on wool carpeting.
amysarah October 5, 2015
Another angle is a rug that's too small for the space where you want to use it, getting lost visually. If you don't happen to have a suitable bigger rug on hand, carpet stores usually sell remnants inexpensively that can be edged - find a color, pattern or texture that creates a good ground for the top rug. An odd size is often fine. (I've found remnants I wouldn't like as whole carpets, but had a certain funky job in a smaller dose.)
Amanda S. October 5, 2015
What a great tip! I agree that odd rug sizes are often the best.
amysarah October 5, 2015
Oops, just saw I typed 'funky job' - meant 'funky charm'.