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December 10, 2010

Dinner Roll Recipes

Between now and next Thursday at midnight, we want to see Your Best Dinner Rolls! For more details and to enter the contest, go here.

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Waverly December 11, 2010
Yum. I will also be "observing" this week and looking forward to all of the great recipes.
MyCommunalTable December 11, 2010
Just to clarify that I read it correctly... it has to be yeast rolls? No rolls without yeast, correct? Thanks for taking the time to clarify for me.
Food52 December 11, 2010
Correct -- yeasted rolls only for this contest. But feel free to share a non-yeasted recipe on the site anyway if you've got a good one -- we'd love to see it!
Lizthechef December 11, 2010
Whoa, now a non-yeasted is OK a la Wild Card? I like clear boundaries and structure, being left-handed and oppositional at heart ;)
Food52 December 13, 2010
We just mean that we'd love to see non-yeasted rolls shared on food52 -- some folks may not realize that recipes can be submitted at any time without entering them in any contest (and we love when they are!). And yes, this pool is where we often look for hidden gems for Wildcard winners.
AntoniaJames December 10, 2010
Will rolls requiring an overnight rise be considered? (I can see how the time constraints for testing might necessitate their exclusion.) Many thanks. ;o)
Food52 December 11, 2010
Overnight rise could work -- more than that might get tricky.
Kayb December 10, 2010
OK. Question. My tried-and-true roll recipe is one I got from someone else. I have not tweaked it. I wouldn't dare, as you don't go messing with perfection. May I go ahead and enter it, complete with extensive attribution (the story of where it came from is part of why I love these rolls so much)?
Food52 December 11, 2010
Please do -- we'd love to see them! (assuming your source would be comfortable with sharing) Extensive attribution, always a good thing.
Lizthechef December 10, 2010
Another "watch and learn" week for me - hopeless when it comes to roll-making/baking.
aargersi December 10, 2010
me too! hide-n-watch week!!!
Sasha (. December 10, 2010
Mmmm looking forward to seeing these entries! :)