Shop Staff Picks: Looking for the Perfect Grind

October 18, 2015

For the next week, we're sharing a few of our favorite things. Today: rise and shine for the perfect grind.

Meet Micki Balder, one of our Software Engineers—below, she tells us all about her favorite item from the Food52 Shop.

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Learn more about Hario's (by way of Stumptown Coffee) versatile grinder here

Video by Madeline Muzzi

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Greenstuff October 18, 2015
That Hario grinder is what I use too. My coffee beans are mostly oily, which can be a problem for electric burr grinders. Plus, it's quiet, so I don't worry about waking anyone else. Plus, there's a nice feeling to the morning ritual of hand-grinding the coffee, much more satisfying than plunking a pod into place.