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This Popular Cookware Material Is Back—& Better Than Ever

What's old is new again.

February 25, 2022
Photo by Rocky Luten

Nostalgia is having a moment—or rather, *has* been having a moment. In fashion, vibes from previous eras, like indie sleaze and summer camp cool, are reemerging as Gen Z uniforms. And in home decor, vintage-inspired pieces are breathing new life into interior spaces. In fact, TikTok and Airbnb teamed up to forecast this year’s home decor trends and eclectic nostalgia topped their list. 

So, why has the past become so… present? 

According to experts, nostalgia can be a stabilizing force during stressful times—and times are definitely stressful right now. An ice cream sundae or drive-in movie might not solve any problems, but they could lighten the emotional load for a little while. Our backward gaze also signals a genuine appreciation for good designs and techniques that have fallen out of favor due to none other than the passage of time.

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Enamelware is just one example of an old-school style that’s recently cycled back into fashion, another being terrazzo that I've been seeing everywhere. Its characteristic finish is created by fusing powdered glass to a surface like metal or clay, a technique dating as far back as 1230 BC and popularized in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by iconic brands like Falcon and Fabergé. Whether it’s applied to a pie dish or art deco egg jewelry, enamelware achieves a sleek and durable finish—perfect for traditional, modern, cottage-core, or really, any vibe.

From retro metal mugs to timeless baking dishes that double as servingware, here are some of our favorite enamel pieces.


1. Falcon Bake Set, $122

This five-piece baking set from Falcon is so iconic that it spawned centuries’ worth of imitators—and with good reason. Timeless elegance and enduring quality, these dishes are ready to take on your next bubbling lasagna or creamy enchiladas—if you can bake it, they can take it. Also, they’re dishwasher safe and freezer-friendly, making meal prep and planning that much easier. 

2. Crow Canyon Splatter 6-cup Muffin Tin, $34

Your next batch of muffins will look picture-perfect in this stunning Crow Canyon muffin tin, designed with a cool, colorful splatter effect. It’s eye-catching, durable, and dishwasher safe, so you’ll spend more time baking and less time cleaning up.

3. BORNN Colorama Enamelware Teapot, $38

Add a splash of color to your stovetop landscape with this modern enamel teapot from Bornn, which comes in cheery hues like soft pink, chartreuse, and electric blue. Handpainted and dishwasher safe, it’s artful as it is practical. 

4. Swissmar Lugano 9-Piece Cherry Red Cast Iron Fondue Set, $120

Speaking of nostalgia, retro fondue sets are incredibly fun, and this one is durable and beautiful. The pot is cast iron, which distributes heat evenly and will prevent your molten cheese or melting chocolate from burning. It comes with all the tools for hosting a delicious, Swiss-inspired dinner party—just don’t forget the cheese. 

5. IMUSA 6 Quart Blue Enamel Stock Pot with Matching Lid, $14.99 $10.97

For a smart and stylish stockpot that’s easy on the wallet, this speckled cobalt blue stockpot is our pick. It’s lightweight and has side handles, making for a seamless cooking experience. Also, the enamel distributes heat evenly, so you won’t risk burning your next hearty stew. 



1. AllModern Edmond Iron End Table, $450

This trio of accent tables will add a modern touch to any living room. The neutral shades make them easy to mix and match with your existing furniture, and the enamel surface creates a sleek, waterproof finish. 

2. KRUPS Kitchen Scale, $295

For baking, you’ll love this antique KRUPS kitchen scale. A Belgian design from the early 20th century, it has a solid, cast iron base and its original enamel face. Plus, the deep emerald shade will add a bold pop of color to your countertop.

3. Ballard Designs Ada Enamel Pendant, $299

These enamel pendant lights feel modern and timeless all at once. With a clean, conical silhouette and polished brass fitting, they’ll brighten your entry, home office, or kitchen with plenty of style. 

4. Litton Lane Round Black Metal Wheeled Coffee Table with Teal Enamel Tray Top, $283.31

This round coffee table with a colorful enamel tray top is the retro piece your living room needs. It’s eye-catching, easy to clean, and comes with wheels (so it can double as a rolling bar cart, obviously)—form and function combined.

5. Foster & Rye Enamel Cocktail Shaker with Jigger, $32.29 $28.33

Shake up your next cocktail night with this Foster & Rye enamel cocktail shaker. It comes in a bold speckled blue and replete with a matching jigger—the only thing left to choose is whether you’re drinking whiskey sours or margaritas.



Photo by Rocky Luten

1. Bornn Multi-Color Enamel Dinnerware, $36-$104

Brighten up your table spread with this delightful dinnerware set from Bornn. With an enamel finish rendered in swirly marble, dinner never looked so pretty. Also, they’re oven-friendly and dishwasher safe. À table! 

2. Color Fill Enamel Mug, $18

Fact: coffee tastes better in a beautiful mug. Okay, maybe not really, but you’ll be even more excited for your morning cup with these colorful speckled mugs.

3. MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Enamel Abundant Bowl, $98

In bold black-and-white checkers, this bowl from MacKenzie-Childs gives off serious Parisian vibes. It’s hand-painted with a bronze stainless steel rim, but still dishwasher safe. We’re loving the ‘tradition with a twist’ design. 

4. Golden Rabbit Enamel Cake Stand, $38.85

Because a beautiful cake deserves a beautiful platform. Handcrafted in Indonesia, it's dishwasher safe and durable enough for all of your sweet, delicious creations. This cake stand takes the cake (and the pies and cookies).


This post was rewritten in February 2022 with brand-new enamelware pieces we love for our homes and kitchens.

What's your take on the enamelware trend? Would you try it?

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Rosalind P. March 3, 2022
Also -- Food 52 should know that the seller of the Edmond Iron tables "just" raised the price of those tables to $590; it isn't $450. Please don't bother to explain. You're not the seller, your just noting the good stuff that's out there, etc., etc. But that's some difference!
Rosalind P. March 3, 2022
I have enamelware from my mother (40's and 50's) and much of my own (60's). All of it is chipped, but still in use. Favorite : oversize sectioned plates in orange, yellow, green, for indoors and out. However, it really isn't a good replacement for the more advanced materials since those days. Actually, I have a tongue in cheek ceramic cup designed to look like a chipped enamel coffee mug.
Lizzie March 3, 2022
Love how when things from the past become 'in' again, people buy the stuff that was made last week. Get the real stuff. Easily found in your Antique Malls and Flea Markets.
Anna S. February 22, 2019
The white specks look like sky maps of stars and brown dwarfs sound like 🔔🙂
Olga January 28, 2019
My custom enamel mugs: goo.gl/photos/NwZmWUV2zfhKfgV26
Angela G. July 15, 2016
I purchased a set of 4 plates (and mixing bowls) about 1 year ago and all 4 plates are showing chipped or flaking spots on the topside (white part). I was a little disappointed, but love them anyway.
madeline D. May 22, 2016
Madeline Demand In 1961 I purchase service for 6 plates, bowls and large with mug handles for $6.00.for our weekly picnics with friends .Paper plates were costly on our tight budget and you throw them away .Still have them and love all the memories. Old enamel is also my favorite I have 10-12 pieces some are chipped on the edges But this is there charm!
Nancy R. May 18, 2016
Does anyone know how you can get enamelware repaired? I have a couple of beloved pieces that are going to develop holes in their bases sometime.
amysarah May 17, 2016
Falcon Enamelware, from the UK, is great stuff: https://www.falconenamelware.com/ Their multiple piece Bake Set makes a good wedding gift.