Preview of Next Week's Themes + Vote on Future Themes

October  2, 2009


Next week's themes will be (you can enter beginning Monday):

Your Best Fig Recipe

Shop the Story

Your Best Stew with Olives

And, and...! We'd like you to vote on these upcoming themes:

Chicken with Mustard

Autumn Vegetable Puree (no potato)

TV or Movie Snack

Tell us which ones you'd prefer by leaving a comment below.

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chez L. March 7, 2010
oops well that an old one sorry i retract that comment
chez L. March 7, 2010
chicken with mustard
ericengstrom October 6, 2009
I realize that chicken won this roud - but this could be an interesting challenge.
I'd like to think up and prepare a wonderful, tasty, unusual movie snack that could be brought into the theater surreptitiously and then shared with my companion.
Amanda H. October 6, 2009
Thanks everyone! Looks like Chicken with Mustard and Autumn Vegetable Puree won for next week. More details to come.
EmilyNunn October 5, 2009
Chicken with mustard; birdie needs a new pair of shoes.
Susan October 5, 2009
chicken with mustard please.
Lizthechef October 5, 2009
chicken with mustard
Michelle_SF October 5, 2009
shelleybc October 5, 2009
snack please.
JenniferF October 5, 2009
Tv or movie snack, please. A highly underrepresented category.
wprice620 October 5, 2009
Figs, thier time is so precious
Autumn Puree, plenty of time for this study.
Save Movie night and Chicken with Mustard for Dead of winter.
Jennifer P. October 5, 2009
Love the autumn veg puree and the tv & movie snack themes.
dsr October 5, 2009
Chicken with Mustard. Just sounds interesting.
TheCooksCook October 5, 2009
Autumn vegetable puree! Think of all the great ways purees can be used aside from just dolloping on a plate...
Sara I. October 5, 2009
Autumn vegetable puree and tv/movie snack.
eltiempio October 5, 2009
I think it should be chicken this time, depending on the olive stew submissions (i suspect many of them will include chicken). The season's right for veggie puree, so howzabout we leave the snacks for later?
Cara E. October 5, 2009
I'm all about Autumn Vegetable Purees. And I think TV/Movie Snack is pretty brilliant as well.
menumaniac October 5, 2009
Chicken with Mustard....yum!!!! Also, would be interested in the puree. I rarely watch tv with a snack. Probably because I don't eat in my bed.
luvcookbooks October 5, 2009
tv or movie snack, autumn vegetable puree
tho i never make anything but popcorn for tv or movies i like the concept
mrslarkin October 5, 2009
i love figs! but sadly never have enough left to actually make a dish out of them since i have no self-control whatsoever.

as for upcoming themes, no baby food please. Although the Holland contingent has us ALL out-voted. so for me it's a tie between chicken or movie snack. (movie snack would be more fun.)