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December 17, 2010

Hot Toddy

Last year, Merrill's rice pudding trounced Amanda's in our first annual A&M holiday smackdown. Now they're facing off again -- this time, over our favorite boozy wintertime comfort: the Hot Toddy!

We're upping the ante for you too -- in addition to Editors' Picks, we'll (happily) test the most promising entries and name a Wildcard winner from the Hot Toddy entries to win a special prize from Williams-Sonoma. (Go here to scope it out.)

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hardlikearmour December 29, 2010
I am really looking forward to testing the 2 finalist recipes for this contest!
AntoniaJames December 19, 2010
Wondering how strictly you're interpreting "toddy." I.e., will you consider a hot drink with milk in it? Thanks so much. ;o)
TiggyBee December 18, 2010
this looks like fun! I'll be waiting for everyone's ideas!! I'll look forward to testing when we get home! xx
thirschfeld December 17, 2010
Yes there is a Santa Clause as a matter of fact he and I are sitting here in my library having a hot toddy and a cigar.
aargersi December 17, 2010
Tell him howdy from Texas! And ask him what cookies he wants this year. :-)
aargersi December 17, 2010
Is a hot toddy any warm adult beverage or does it need hard liquor or a specific liquor? Or broen liquor? Can it be wine based? Is there a Santa Clause?
Food52 December 19, 2010
Any warm adult beverage is fair game! And looks like thirschfeld has already cleared up your other question.
fineartdaily December 17, 2010
I think you will have a crowded field of eager taste testers! Maybe we should organize regional Holiday Smacksowns, putting spirits back into the holidays...
thirschfeld December 17, 2010
I may not enter this week but I will offer my services now as a recipe tester