Kimball, Parsons, Bittman Spotted on a Beach in Paradise

November 16, 2015

Big shake-ups in food media this year: Chris Kimball is leaving America’s Test Kitchen; Mark Bittman is splitting from the New York Times to pursue work with The Purple Carrot; and Russ Parsons left his food editor post at the LA Times earlier this year.

If you’re looking for the first two, stop: They’re on a beach in paradise, with a chartered boat waiting in the bay and piña coladas in hand. Enjoy the surf, guys! Don't forget the SPF! Grass skirts are 100% in.

Do flag down Mark, though—he might want to say goodbye one last time.



Nozlee S. November 17, 2015
Hi please promote whoever did this photoshop job
Cristina S. November 16, 2015
This is a truly magnificent piece of photoshop.
DrPRW November 16, 2015
Crying over Kimball!