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SF Girl By Bay's 11 Favorite Things from our Shop

November 24, 2015

Victoria Smith, who is the creator and writer of the blog sfgirlbybay, is known for her visual expertise: She shares her tips for sourcing art and photography, decorating interior spaces, and whipping up effortless DIYs with a bevy of worldwide readers on a very regular basis (she's a blogger, after all!). She's known for having a keen eye for great design, which is why we came knocking to hear about her favorite products in our Shop—specifically those that would be best suited for home decor.

Victoria Smith, A.K.A sfgirlbybay

We offer a lot of products (well over 3,000!), which Victoria admittedly said "made the selection of just a few favorites a bit challenging." But she found a way to suss them out, shaping a curated collection that's every inch her self proclaimed "bohemian modern" style. And since it's gift-giving season and you've probably been faced with a similar conundrum (so many gift options, so little time!), we thought hearing about her top picks might make shopping a bit easier.

Photo by Victoria Smith

Here's what Victoria liked most about our new Copper, Brass, and Enamel Louise Bowls from Hawkins New York (which made the trip out to her home in Los Angeles for a closeup) plus her ten other home decor favorites from our Shop.

1. Copper, Brass, and Enamel Louise Bowls

These have to be the prettiest mixing bowls around, and very complimentary to the current kitchen trend featuring brass and copper fixtures these days. Plus, they're not just functional—they're so pretty to serve side dishes and salads in, too.

2. Gold-Dipped Seashell Pinch Bowls

I'm a bit of a salt fiend, so if I can display my sea salt (and my pepper) in something very pretty it somehow makes me feel better about my weakness for it.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

3. Silver Glitz Piñata

Who doesn't love a piñata? This one looks pretty grown-up to me, and would make a sparkly addition to any party. I'd like to fill it with Hershey's Kisses and crack it open at midnight on New Year's Eve.

4. Round Carry Basket

This is the hardest-working—(and the cutest!—utility basket around. It would look great storing firewood or laundry, essentially any project or object you need to stash in something really great looking.

5. Stonewashed Linen Bedding

There's nothing like stonewashed linen sheets, and the best thing about these is the more you wash them, the softer and cozier they get. They've got that perfectly well-loved imperfect look that's effortlessly chic.

Photo by Bobbi Lin
Photo by Rocky Luten

6. Blackened Steel Bar Cart

I'd love to belly up to this very sophisticated, industrial-strength bar cart—I'm a sucker for anything on wheels! It's sleek but functional, with looks that had me at hello.

7. Vintage Zinc Bins

I quite like the idea of serving chilled wine in these rustic bins, but I could also see planting them with a mixed arrangement of succulents as an outdoor dining table centerpiece.

Photo by Bobbi Lin
Photo by Alpha Smoot

8. 3-Tier Ceramic Hanging Planter

This is such a pretty planter, but one that doesn't take up much space (especially good for a small kitchen). I'd like to hang this in my kitchen window and grow a lovely vertical herb garden.

9. Vintage Pharmacy Jars

I collect all kinds of vintage jars and use them for everything from displaying plant cuttings to bathroom necessities like cotton swabs and Q-Tips—and these are both functional and great looking.

10. Pendant Lamp with Edison Bulb

I love these industrial-looking bulbs, and I especially like them hung in unexpected places. I have them hung in my guest room for bedside lamps, and a couple near my bookshelves too. The filament bulbs make for extra pretty lighting.

11. Shapes Rugs

I'm a big fan of designer Alyson Fox, and these rugs she's designed have such pretty color palettes! I love the Mondrian-inspired geometric shapes. Almost too pretty to lay on the floor, but I'll struggle through.

Photo by Rocky Luten
Photo by James Ransom

Victoria Smith is sfgirlbybay, a design and lifestyle blogger living in Los Angeles.

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byb November 24, 2015
Psssst, guys! SF Girl By Bay lives in Los Angeles now (Echo Park to be exact).
Amanda S. November 24, 2015
Fixed! :)
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