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Watch How Jenny Rosenstrach Preps for After-School Snacktime

December 18, 2015

We know it's going to impress us (and maybe you!), so we partnered with Sahale Snacks ® to see what some of our favorite creatives do during their in-between time. Today, it's snealtime—you know, those hours between a snack and a meal—with Dinner: A Love Story's Jenny Rosenstrach.

Jenny Rosenstrach started the blog Dinner: A Love Story in March of 2010; her idea sprang from wanting to offer parents recipe ideas that would help them get their family to the dinner table more often than not. "Pretty soon it became very strategy-focused—not just what to eat, but how to plan, how to shop, how to get home in time, how to present food to your not-always-receptive five-year-old. Basically all the big HOWs, with particular focus on HOW NOT TO LOSE YOUR MIND," Jenny says. And even though her kids are older now, the timing of dinner continues to be challenging. "It's not just how do I, the parent, get home in time to cook? It's also, how do I manage my kids' activities so that they are home in time to eat."

Enter the sneal. Not a snack nor a meal, Jenny explains, it's a silly word that they invented to describe the "substantial feeding" that happens between 5 P.M. and 6 P.M. in their house. As her kids have gotten older, soccer practice has gotten later—warranting the necessity of the sneal. "A typical sneal is something healthy on bread—hummus on whole wheat pita, mozzarella on baguette, peanut butter on toast—which gives them enough energy to make it through practice, but doesn't weigh them down," Jenny adds.

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We wanted to hang out with Jenny and her kids (can you blame us?) and get her take on snacking between meals, so watch the video above and see what it's like to get your sneal on.

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We partnered with Sahale Snacks ® to share how some of our favorite creatives never waste a moment during their in-between times to Snack Better®. See all of their nut mixes here.

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Awads September 16, 2016
OMG!!! How did i miss this video? Jenny's Boston Terrier!!! I just got a BT pup and there is new level of insanity and chaos in our house!