7 Ways to Eat Leftover Latkes (That Don't Include Sour Cream or Applesauce)

December 11, 2015

This past Sunday, I made latkes. To be more exact, I made about 50 of these latkes. For two people. If you do the math, you’ll find that equals a lot of leftover latkes.

For the past several days, I've been eating latkes for breakfast, latkes for lunch, and latkes for dinner—but guess what? By some miracle (and the careful addition of eggs, sauces, and vegetables) I'm not sick of latkes yet. In fact, I'm happily eating one right now.

Here are 7 ways to eat your leftover latkes this week—without getting sick of them:

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1. Add some sauce: The easiest way to dress up your latkes is to put anything that isn't applesauce on top of them. I chose these mustard greens, but you could easily do the same with any harissa, yogurt sauce with za'atar, or even hummus.

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2. Channel the baked potato: Chances are you probably have some sour cream and applesauce leftover, and while the applesauce can take care of itself (applesauce + cinnamon = no more applesauce), the sour cream is a little trickier. Kill two birds with one stone and transform your latkes into twice-baked potatoes! Layer them on a plate, then cover them with cheese, bake in a low oven until the cheese melts, and then add chives, sour cream, and your other baked potato accoutrements of choice, and dig in.

3. Call them croutons: How different is a crouton from a fried potato? Answer: Not very. Especially when you cut said fried potato into bite-sized pieces and stick it into the oven to crisp up even more. Toss in any salad, but this one worked particularly well for my wannabe bread pieces.

Photo by Alexandra Stafford

4. Eat them with cheese: Who needs crackers when you have latkes? Put together a cheese plate, and schmear away.

5. Fancy them up with some caviar: Last night, I discovered the magical fact that I live within a block of a store that sells salmon roe for very, very little per ounce—so I bought 2 ounces, then made like Russ and Daughters and piled my latkes high with crème fraîche and roe. I felt like a tsar and it was wonderful.

6. Put an egg on them: There is no, no way you can go wrong putting an egg on hash browns—erm, latkes.

7. Make yourself a "lagel": Put cream cheese, a tomato, some slices of onions, capers, and lox on top and you've got yourself the best bagel-latke in town.

What are you doing with your leftover latkes? Tell us in the comments below!

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