D.C. Cookie Swap

December 25, 2010

See photos below from the food52 holiday cookie swap in Washington D.C., hosted by MrsWheelbarrow and attended by many of the food52ers you've seen in pictures from last spring's D.C. Potluck Brunch and the food52 Canorama held in Pennsylvania last summer.

Many thanks to QueenofGreen & SallyCan for sharing photos, cheese1227 for writing up the event, and MrsWheelbarrow for hosting!

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    2nd Street Sue
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calendargirl January 3, 2011
Thanks so much, cheese1227!
calendargirl January 1, 2011
Would have loved to know about this...please advise about future DC area gatherings!
cheese1227 January 2, 2011
Hi calendargirl,
We will add you to the rapidly growing list of DC area Food52ers interested in meeting up in person!
happycao December 29, 2010
yup I think it's in agreement...NYC/Brooklyn Food52 cookie swap is in order! I can help plan!
Tammy December 28, 2010
Please let's do this in NYC next year!
Rhonda35 December 28, 2010
I'm with Merrill - so sorry I missed Mrs. W's cookie swap!! Please invite me again next year. All of the cookies look amazing - I loved the reindeer, I think because I do not have cookie-decorating skills. So glad you all had a wonderful time and hope your holidays were merry! Have a healthy and well-fed 2011!
2nd S. December 27, 2010
Great idea. I have cookie exchange envy. Recipes please!!
cheese1227 December 27, 2010
This was a very rewarding event, on many, many levels!
Rivka December 27, 2010
Was as fun as it looks. Thanks again to Cathy for hosting -- feel lucky to have met such wonderful people through food52.
hardlikearmour December 26, 2010
This looks like fun! What a nice assortment of cookies and savories.
aargersi December 26, 2010
How FUN! All of the cookies look amazing ... what a great event!
monkeymom December 26, 2010
Gorgeous! I would love the recipe for the cookie dough 2eatwellRD! And those reindeer are adorable.
Sagegreen December 26, 2010
What a great event! Thanks for posting all the photos. Next year we will have even more interest in cookie swaps, I can just tell.
TheWimpyVegetarian December 25, 2010
What fun! And the cookies look so great. Are the recipes for all those wonderful cookies posted by any chance???
cheese1227 December 27, 2010
ChezSuzanne, the ones that have links are posted, the others hopefully will be as the holiday rush dies down.
Merrill S. December 25, 2010
So bummed I missed this! Maybe next year...
MrsWheelbarrow December 25, 2010
We missed you, Merrill! Next year, indeed.
Kitchen B. December 25, 2010
Oh wow - sometimes I feel as though I miss so much not living in the US, sniff, sniff. I need to organise an Easter Cookie Swap - I can't wait till Christmas 2011!!!! Have a blessed festive season.
cookfordays December 25, 2010
brooklyn swap? i'm in!
happycao December 25, 2010
oh wow!.looks like fun...
can we do a food52 brooklyn swap??