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3 Home Repairs We Need Your Help Tackling

December 30, 2015

For the past few months, life has been a parade of garlands, centerpieces, serving dishes, and menu planning. In-between, we played outside in the waning warmth, we settled down with our coziest mugs of cocoa, we watched Home Alone 2 more than once, and we cooked and ate with loved ones over and over again. Everything else fell wonderfully by the wayside. Even if you're just celebrating fireplace season, it's impossible not to love the holidays if only for their pause.

But now a new year is on the horizon—and with it comes the dregs of bygone to-do lists. With a long winter still ahead, it's a perfect time to tackle those projects you've been dying to take on. Here are three home conundrums that we're hoping to learn more about—and I'd love your tips for fixing them up right!

Conditioning Leather Seats

It is hard not to love a very well broken-in leather chair, or even a seat with a leather cover. But after time, creases and dry spots are inevitable—and they can be concerning if you want to keep the piece in good condition. What to do?

  • Are there products you like best—like leather conditioner from a car repair place—and smarter ways to use them?
  • What's the best way to maintain them, once cleaned up?

Getting Scratches Out of Glass

Glass-topped coffee tables and bar carts are common, but they come with a catch: Sometimes the glass gets scratched from moving things around on the surface. Lindsay-Jean recently let us in on how to refinish cutting boards; is there a similar DIY process that works for getting the scratches out of glass? Or is the next best solution to replace the glass topper?

Removing an Old Wine Stain

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Tablecloths must fear the holidays, when an overabundance of merriment means more wine and therefore more sloshing and spilling. Such a fumble occurred in our own office recently—despite an immediate soak, the stain stuck around. We'd love to know:

  • Ideas for all-natural wine removal tactics? Does pouring boiling water on the stain really work?
  • Cold water or hot water soak?
  • Magical combinations of cleaners that do the trick?
  • Does white wine work as a way to get red wine out?

Have you reconditioned leather, buffed out glass scratches, or saved a stained linen from seeming disrepair? Bring your expertise to the comments.

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Written by: Amanda Sims

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