12 Dishes to Eat While Watching Downton Abbey’s Final Season

January  4, 2016

Last night marked the first episode of the final season of Downton Abbey and through all six seasons of delicious drama between Mary and Lord Gillingham, the Carsons, and the Crawleys, we’ve been taking careful note of one thing in particular: the food.

Each season, we watched enviously as the waitstaff delivered feasts of fish, sweet buns, and roast duck upstairs to the Crawleys and their guests. But just because Mrs. Patmore’s cucumber sandwiches and stuffed pheasants will soon no longer grace our screens doesn’t mean the feast has to stop—though we’ll happily be leaving aspic and “fish mousse” in the last century. Here are 12 Downton Abbey-inspired 20th-century dishes to make while watching the final season (just don’t drop any lobster tails—we're looking at you, Jimmy):

Don't forget teatime:

What are some of your favorite foods from Downton Abbey? Are you as distrustful of refrigerators as Earl G. is? Tell us in the comments below!

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I eat everything.


rpenovich January 5, 2016
Season 6 is the final season, not 7.
phyllis January 5, 2016
It's a fun article, but it's the Crawley family and not Crowley. Thanks.