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5 Ways to Refresh Your Home For Winter

January 15, 2016

I’m a big believer in the seasonal home refresh, and—even after the holidays—winter is full of natural inspiration. To keep the festive feelings going even after the greenery comes down, think warm hues and cozy additions. Here are five ways I love to perk up a home for winter.

Photo by Redmond Aldrich Design (via Decorist)

1. It’s important for your refresh to evoke a response from more than one sense. Try ordering a chic wreath that incorporates citrus, which is in season in winter but also timeless, so you see it and smell it when you come home.

2. Get special vases for forcing bulbs, set up a display in a sunny window, and watch nasturtiums or amaryllis grow. This is not only satisfying aesthetically but also a fleeting—and therefore captivating—splash of life and warmth during winter.

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3. For a wintry color scheme, I like to mix all sorts of reds—from magenta to pink—with warm neutrals like camel and cream. It's a great segue from holiday colors, and universally inviting.

4. A cozy throw is another easy addition to make a living room feel even more inviting. In pink or red, it will signal visually that it’s winter, and a winter table set with deep red and pink flowers looks amazing and very festive.

5. Host a cider or nog party when you need a reason to celebrate: Get out your most festive punch bowls and plates, and have cider with cloves bubbling on the stove the entire time. Your house will smell magical and it’s low cost and low stress.

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Chloe Warner is an interior designer for Decorist, a platform that offers online interior design for a flat rate. She's also the founder of Redmond Aldrich Design and guest curator for our Wedding Registry.

How do you make your home extra warm and cozy during winter? Share your favorite ways in the comments.

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Julie C. January 16, 2016
I think you mean narcissus instead of nasturtium. ;)
Susan H. January 16, 2016
i have a pot stove top now of cloves, cinnamon and orange peel!