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Here's What City Harvest Could Do with the Powerball Prize Winnings

January 13, 2016

The Powerball prize is bigger than it has ever been before—a whopping $1.5 billion. And while it's fun to imagine what we here at Food52 would do with the prize if we won (ideas have included a vat of nachos, paying off our student loans, and lots of travel), we decided to reach out to one of our local heroes, City Harvest, a nonprofit that recovers food from greenmarkets, grocery stores, company cafeterias, and more.

What would they—what could they—do with that kind of prize money?

Photo by Mark Weinberg

Well, "With $1.5 billion, City Harvest could help feed all the New Yorkers facing hunger—nearly 1.4 million people—for about 11 years," director of communications Cara Taback told me, crunching the numbers quickly. That translates to the recovering and delivering of nearly 5.8 billion pounds of food.

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So, ticket-holders, should you win, remember that your winnings could be shared with so many! (But that doesn't mean you shouldn't hold back on the massive tray of nachos.)

What organizations or projects would you share your prize money with? Tell us in the comments.

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