Preview of Next Week's Themes

October  9, 2009

Next week's themes will be (you can enter beginning Monday):

Your Best Chicken with Mustard

Your Best Autumn Vegetable Puree


Jennifer P. October 11, 2009
Thanks Merrill.
Jennifer P. October 10, 2009
Question, does vegetable puree apply to soups, sauces and sides, or is it more defined? Thanks.
Merrill S. October 11, 2009
We were thinking more of side dishes than soups, since we just did Mushroom Soup. That said, if you've got a stellar Autumn soup that's puréed, we'll definitely have a look!
Goldilocks October 10, 2009
oh i like the forewarning! hard to create an orginal recipe in a short time! like to test it! i am thinking pumkin soup!