Watch What Dream Salads (and Houses) Are Made Of

February 17, 2016

When artist Julia Sherman created the website Salad for President, she confirmed something we’ve always believed: that creating food is akin to creating art. (And that salads should be more closely considered for executive office.)

After creating a salad garden for Moma’s PS1, Julia installed raised beds of greens, flowers, and other edible components at Los Angeles’s Getty Museum. In one of these beds is nothing but horseradish, in dedication to architect Harry Gesner.

Among other homes (including Marlon Brando’s summer house, the inspiration for the Sydney Opera House), Gesner’s home, the Scantlin House, sits in the middle of the Getty Museum's campus (which it pre-dates). After gathering various greens, flowers, and—of course—horseradish from the Getty’s salad garden, Julia and Harry discuss the benefits of gas masks for processing horseradish, Gesner's work, and the passage of time, all over the course of a salad lunch. Watch for yourself, above.

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Video directed by Felipe Lima and produced by Salad For President (Julia Sherman), the J. Paul Getty Museum Department of Education, and Chopt Creative Salad Company

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