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What Food Additives Really Look Like & More Design Links We Love

February 26, 2016

What food additives really look like—and more design links we loved this week.

A new book called Ingredients is a photographic foray into the world of food additives (like what's in a Klondike bar, above left, and a zoom-in on caffeine, above right), and is a collaboration between photographer Dwight Eschliman and pop-science writer Steve Ettlinger. (New York Times)

Photo by Urbnite

Everything about this house: the take-me-there-now rocky setting, a proper and moss-covered stone wall, the simplicity of its shape, and of course the black roof and walls set with bright white windows. Who says a home has to blend right in? Urbnite)

We've already stated that we feel all the feelings for Carson Ellis, whose children's book Home is exactly what you should get your favorite small person for their next birthday—so the launch of her new nature-inspired, slightly sheeny wallpaper line with Portland's JuJu Papers is double the fun. (Design*Sponge)

This collection of fifteen DIYs that are made possible with the help of a jigsaw actually made me wonder if my NYC toolbox should welcome a new friend. I could use it on the fire escape, right? (A Beautiful Mess)

Even though it makes us a little sad when stacks of books are made unusable because they're used to prop up so many other things (we're lookin' at you, coffee table covered in so many art books you can't get to them), as tiny little side tables, we're digging the idea. (Apartment 34)

Photo by The Art Institute of Chicago (via Swiss Miss)

In a very real case of life imitating art, the Art Institute of Chicago designed a room to look exactly like Van Gogh's iconic painting, Bedroom, and posted it for rent on AirBnb (the rate's $10 per night). (Swiss Miss)

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