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Win a Cristel Space-Saving Fry Pan and Handles!

March 31, 2016

The idea of bringing a fresh meal together on the stovetop already denotes a feeling of ease: a flick of the wrist, a splash from the oil cruet—and, okay, maybe a sprinkle of cheese—and soon dinner is made. When you’re ready to tackle this kind of quick dinner, you want a pan that’s equally as pressure-free.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

That’s where the Cristel Space-Saving Fry Pan comes in. Designed by one of France’s most popular stainless steel cookware brands—and made by them, in France!—this aluminum and stainless steel fry pan features removable handles: a long one for shake-shake-shake sautéing, and two short ones for transferring it to the oven with ease. You can even pop them off easily for extra-compact storage.

The pan's made of the highest quality stainless steel and is designed to work on all cooktops, including induction, to boot!

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And guess what? We're giving away one of these pans, plus two short handles and one long one, to a lucky community member. All you need to do to enter: Tell us your favorite stovetop spring dinner in the comments below by Monday, April 4th at 12PM EST, and we'll randomly choose a winner. This contest is open to U.S. residents only.

Share your favorite spring dinner in the comments for a chance to win a Cristel Space Saving Fry Pan!

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    Fay Lee
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    Erin Turner
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leah April 4, 2016
anything made with what has newly hit the market for the season!
Shruti April 4, 2016
Indian yoghurt soup with chick pea dumplings
Fay L. April 4, 2016
Sautéed onions and garlic with quartered Brussels along with garlic slices, salt n pepper with asparagus as sides, pounded chicken breasts marinated in pickle juice then coated with egg, flour n seasoning, and fried till cooked.
Erin T. April 3, 2016
Cheesy herbed gnocchi with some pork and kale
mia P. April 3, 2016
Spaghetti with purée peas, anise seeds and ricotta. Add crispy bacon or guanciale and pecorino for toppings. A spring carbonara without the heft.
Shawn April 3, 2016
Chicken Milanese with lots of Spring Veggies! Our families fave!!
Joanna April 3, 2016
Quinoa mac and cheese! My no fail comfort food!
Madeleine W. April 3, 2016
Baby asparagus and pasta!
Carley S. April 3, 2016
Spring veggie risotto with miso basil pesto!
Talia April 2, 2016
I love making egg scrambles! I usually sauté mushrooms, peppers and spinach. A great one pan meal, for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner!
Mickey G. April 2, 2016
Here's the deal. I could copy and paste a recipe from a reputable food blog, sprinkle in some French preparatory terms, and end it with an enthusiastic exclamation point to convey my optimism. But let's be honest. I'm making nachos. A large Cristel space-saving frying pan amount of nachos. Nachos. Nachos. Nachos.
Renee C. April 2, 2016
I love making some sautéed kale and chicken!
Tyneisha F. April 2, 2016
In spring I love something light, like a nice piece of grilled salmon with baby spinach!
LH April 2, 2016
Simple pasta with spring peas.
Amanda B. April 2, 2016
A pan-seared snapper fillet with harissa paste, and a side of and spring onions and browned baby potatoes
Abby April 2, 2016
Pan roasted and then lightly broiled salmon with an apricot glaze and apricot pistachio crust. Served over a bed of garlicky sauteed spinach and morels and lemony risotto.
Mary O. April 2, 2016
Pasta with fresh veggies with a splash of oil
Sheila H. April 2, 2016
With all of the cheap fresh asparagus abounding, I'd say a asparagus and proscuitto frittata- yup, breakfast for dinner!
Laurel April 2, 2016
The name is incongruent with the prompt's season, but "Summer Stew" from the brilliant Dinner A Love Story blog by Jenny Rosenstrach feels very spring-y when I can keep a window open to let in a breeze while I'm cooking
Tina April 1, 2016
Tofu spring/fresh rolls with peanut sauce.