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A One-Step Kitchen Makeover & More Design Links We Loved This Week

March 18, 2016

The best-ever living rooms from Vogue, a kitchen makeover that requires one step, and so much more design goodness from around the internet this week.

Photo by Megan Gilger

The power of a coat of white paint on cherrywood cabinets is—confirmed by this 1-step (paint!) mini-reno chronicle—ceaselessly amazing. (Just don't forget primer.) (The Fresh Exchange)

With St Paddy's yesterday and all the spring plants a-blooming, it was the week for greens. We're adding these hues—powdery-blue greens and a glossy kale color—to our list of recent favorites. (Apartment 34)

Photo by Bored Panda

While browsing the list of weekly favorites over at Cupcakes & Cashmere (because our article got a spotlight on it!), we spotted this picture of what sand looks like under a microscope. Are we talking about the same sand, Bored Panda? (Bored Panda)

Photo by Horst P. Horst for Vogue

Vogue's round up of the 40 "most beautiful" living rooms from their archives does not disappoint—even if it's more eye-candy than can-do (though if anyone knows how to rig a big, sweeping awning off the side of an apartment complex, as in Marella Agnelli's living room in the 1977 image above, let us know). (Vogue)

These artworks by the artist Donald Martiny are basically sculptural interpretations of brushstrokes—except really, really huge. We love how they're so grand and yet inspired by the everyday. (HonestlyWTF)

Eight great tips (that you haven't already heard) for taking better photos, from using northern light to using museum art as your inspiration. (Cup of Jo)

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Ruben K. June 8, 2016
Hey Amanda,

I am a food lover like you and yes!! banjo music is also in my favorite list. I must say the kitchen makeover is just wow :)

I decided to hire for my remodeling project and shared these designs with him.