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The Colors That Are All Over the NY Now Gift Market—and Soon, Your Homes

February  3, 2016

We already shared some of our favorite home trends spotted at this year's NY Now Market, but the list of obsessions hardly stopped there (visions of felt lamp shades, rugs designed to look like tile patterns, and marble-topped side tables danced all night in my head).

In case you, too, haven't had enough, these are the colors we kept seeing around every turn—a palette both natural but unexpected, vibrant but subtle, playful and smart. More, more, more of it, please!

Sometimes yellows and sea greens go down easiest in tiny, colorblocked doses.

Besides ever-healthy doses of greys, whites, warm metallics, and raw wood, we saw booth after booth of the following scheme:

  • The palest, piggiest pinks
  • Rich oceanic blue-greens
  • Rusty, faded reds
  • Glassy mint greens
  • Yellows in ochre, mustard, and the paler side of chartreuse

Take a look for yourself.

Quilts, mobiles, and art in the schemes of our dreams. Photo by BlaBla, Honey & Bloom
Could these pillows have more of our favorite colors in one pattern? They could not. Photo by Minna
A basket in charcoal + sea glass green + grainy dijon; a mat in marigold.
The spectrum of yellows runs from the safe side of chartreuse to goldenrod. Photo by Umbra Shift, Yield Design
Stone-washed linens from Hawkins are a little bit Morris Louis, a lot gorgeous. Photo by Hawkins NY
All the Hawkins linens, please.
"Mosque-inspired" shades of green, as Amanda Hesser aptly put it. Photo by Simple Life Istanbul
Subtle teals, dusty reds, and marigold at Pigeon Toe. Photo by Pigeon Toe

Our Shop appears to be even farther ahead of these trends than the market, so if you like what you see, browse around.

What colors have you been seeing in the world these days? Let us know your favorites in the comments.

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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

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laurenlocally February 5, 2016
Fun piece!