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A Purse Shaped Like a Waffle & 13 Other Ways to Wear Your Favorite Food

March 29, 2016

Nike’s new sneaker is a brunch lover’s dream: The “swoosh” is dripping with maple syrup, the fabric is (duh) waffle weave, and a hidden chicken-and-waffles logo on the insole will have wearers thinking happy brunch thoughts at least twice a day.

This isn’t Nike’s first foray into food-centric swag—the brand debuted a line of dessert-inspired sneakers last year—nor is it the only product of its kind. Retailers seem to be capitalizing on millennials’ desire to brand themselves through food.

Photo by Image courtesy of Nike

In the past, your favorite food might have been something only those responsible for planning your birthday dinner knew. But these days, our preferences play a huge role in our identities on social media and beyond. Whether you compulsively photograph doughnuts or name-drop your vegan lifestyle within seconds of meeting someone new, it’s cool to eat and to have an opinion about it—and it’s only natural to show that off in your wardrobe. (Personally, I’ve been collecting fruit-print clothing since 2010.)

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If you’re ready to wear your taste buds on your sleeve, here are some of the best ways to do it:

  • Beloved Shirts: Who could forget the infamous pizza onesie worn by Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry? Beloved’s all-over prints feature cult-status junk foods like doughnuts, burgers, pancakes, and french fries. And it’s not all onesies—you’ll find sweatshirts, backpacks, and crop tops too:
  • Etsy. Rest assured that if you love a particular food, someone else does too… and has probably made an outfit to celebrate it. A search for “food clothing” pulls up over 8500 results, including sushi socks and taco panties (too edgy to picture here):
Photo by SushiSocksBox
  • Or, for something a little (but really just a little) more subtle, check out ModCloth:
Photo by ModCloth
  • You, too, can have that KALE sweatshirt that everyone—even Beyoncé—owns. Or maybe you're more into avocado toast instead? (Both will cost you more than the respective dish at even the most overpriced café.)
Photo by Sub-Urban Riot
Photo by ASOS
  • But how would our trendiest-foods-on-clothing round up be complete without pizza and sushi?
Photo by Nasty Gal
Photo by ASOS
  • And if all of this is just much too much for you, this jewelry from VERAMEAT via Urban Outfitters is less in-your-face:

Is food-related merchandise extremely silly or extremely fun? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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