April Fools' Day

A New Meal Kit Delivery Service from Food52

April  1, 2016

Introducing Grey Apron—the meal service that goes roughly 52 steps beyond the competition:

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  • Meg Dennis
    Meg Dennis
  • Hgranger
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Rhonda35 April 1, 2016
Aww, who's dog is that? What a good sport and sooooo cute with the safety goggles!
Meg D. April 1, 2016
That was priceless--I began to wonder when the blender, candlestick and fire extinguisher came out, but the dog with the goggles...LOVE IT!
laurenlocally April 1, 2016
The candlestick!
Hgranger April 1, 2016
actually snorted when you pulled the dog out :D