With 10 Ingredients, Make 5 Spritzes, Live the Good Life

April  8, 2016

Talia Baiocchi wrote:

The spritz hates to work. Hates it. Its whole purpose in life is to get everyone to quit his or her job. A big part of what led us to spritz (yes, it’s also a verb) is not just the drink itself, but the formal observance of the sacred time of day when Italians stop working and start socializing.

In the spirit of taking it very easy, you can make 5 different spritzes—even if your bar cart only has these 10 ingredients: Campari, sweet vermouth, Prosecco, white wine, soda water, Aperol, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, simple syrup.

Don't believe us? Watch right here:

For full recipes, and so much more on Italy's favorite aperitivo, seek out Spritz.

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