Your Saturday Morning Farmers Market Inspiration

May 14, 2016

Here's what you found at your local farmers market last week using the hashtag #F52farmstand.

First cherries already? 😮🍒

A photo posted by Morning Berries (@_morningberries_) on

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  • Jan Weber
    Jan Weber
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Jan W. May 14, 2016
The photo from @kaleandcaramel really makes me wish I was in California right about now...loquats and citrus heaven
702551 May 15, 2016
The peak loquat and citrus season is well over here in California.

We are fully into our berry and stone fruit season as the photos from kaleandcaramel, _morningberries_ and urbanradish (all Southern Californians) attest to.
702551 May 15, 2016
I still see some loquat trees on local private property full of fruit (perhaps the residents don't care for the fruit), but there is nothing at the local farmers market. For sure, citrus season is over. There's at least one stand that alternates between navel oranges and Valencias all year round but I've temporarily stopped buying juice (or fruit). For sure, I will consider this about six months from now.

On a side note, I picked my last lime from my own tree today.

Citrus is an off-season crop at this time.
Jan W. May 15, 2016
Oh I know the citrus is winter/very early spring - I'm just speaking in a general sense of 'California Dreamin' " (I'm in Chicago). I visit relatives in the North San Diego county area in the winter and I have to stop myself from bringing back all of the satsumas and blood oranges with me, among countless other citrus.

As for the loquats, I'm sure the growing season is a little different in each place where they are naturalized, but in Portugal where I usually get to eat them you can definitely find them around through May (maybe longer the further north you go), then the vendors switch to Fundão cherries.
702551 May 16, 2016
Yes, the growing season does vary by cultivar and location, for sure the climate in Northern California is not the same as in Southern California. Just this weekend while taking a walk, I spotted a massive loquat tree full of fruit, so it is still hanging around although that tree looked like the owner did not bother harvesting any of the fruit.

For sure, it is nearing the end of the loquat season.

We have some citrus all year long (the oranges typically switch between navels and Valencias), but many citrus varieties are only available during the winter months.

We Californians are spoiled by our produce and fruit bounty, although it comes at the price of a very high cost of living.